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Great for the lad!
17th Nov 2013 19:36
17th Nov 2013 19:51
"Don't take the risk if you're not 100% fit. You should always remember Liverpool is the team that pays your wages."
17th Nov 2013 19:54
"Please don't get injured."
17th Nov 2013 20:01
"Good luck Sturridge! Come back in one piece, though! YNWA"
17th Nov 2013 20:22
"Play well and be safe, we need you to be fit for next Saturday!!!!"
17th Nov 2013 20:41
"show people what you can do on the international stage against a tough opposition! rooney has proved time and time again he cant play the lone striker role for England, so its ready for sturridge to make it his own"
17th Nov 2013 21:01
"Nice 2 have u playing 4 England but if u r not 100% fit then u should not play as LFC pay your wage not England "
Red heat
17th Nov 2013 21:01
"You and Stevo take care of yourselves u heard that sturr. We need both of you fit for the next upcoming games which are going to be the most crucial period this season. I must admit I was a little disappointed when I heard that sturr n Stevie would be fit to play the Germany game. I was hoping they'd just let them rest abit b4 the derby:( pretty selfish I know"
17th Nov 2013 21:42
"a little bit worried. His injury kept coming back since summer. I think he needs more time to rest"
17th Nov 2013 22:25
"Its great to have a lfc striker playing for england but for god sake DONT get injured!!!!"
17th Nov 2013 22:34
"Not a good game to go into,this is never really a friendly,the Germans will really be up for it.I hope and pray that sturridge comes back fit.We need everyone fit against everton,because this game is never easy,and we need all players to be fit."
18th Nov 2013 6:31
"more importantly just make sure u r fit for Saturday !!"
18th Nov 2013 7:39
"Surely Hodgson will give Rodriguez another go.And Rickie Lambert..Hopefully Sturridge vl only come off the bench 2nd half."
18th Nov 2013 8:36
"I could not care less about England. Except when our players risk injury in a pointless friendly...SCOUSE NOT ENGLISH!"
LFC Nuuk Greenland
18th Nov 2013 16:01
"Oh no. A friendly is not worth the risk. Please take a rest and get ready to score two against the toffees next weekend. YNWA"
19th Nov 2013 8:45
"Sturridge should not play for England if he's injured, or not 100% fit. Club must be more important"