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Its a pity you never got more time to settle in KK, U right and we need some midfielders (2) of quality and another top striker to rotate with sturridge, and we could win the PL.
16th Nov 2013 8:56
16th Nov 2013 8:58
"and try Get Suso Back for 2nd half , s him for Henderson"
16th Nov 2013 9:06
"Decent pressure for the owners by KK, well said! I hope we buy few proven attack minded players in Jan, cause KD is right the other top sides will buy. Future is still looking bright! IBRWT! YNWA"
16th Nov 2013 9:14
"get koke costa el sharawey reus martinez to beef up mid and up front prem leaugue in the bag king kennt"
16th Nov 2013 9:22
""if finances allow"...Southampton, Chelsea,Spurs and City are unquestionable proof that you need up front investment to compete. With FSG using LFC as a cash cow to fund their massive investment in RedSox, the future doesn't look as bright as the PR would have you believe. And for all the FSG cronies who believe the crap, look at the numbers. There is nothing to be proud of in being a franchise."
16th Nov 2013 10:07
""They"? I thought Kenny was back on our Board... "
16th Nov 2013 10:31
"If only we had that 55mil you wasted on Carrol and Downing....."
16th Nov 2013 10:32
"Looking at the numbers, FSG have made a (net) investment of £110million in transfers over the past three seasons. In this time Arsenal's net spend is £18mill, Spurs have GAINED £21mill, Utd have spent £120million. Full credit must go to FSG for holding on to Suarez in the summer. If they'd only been a money-making business they would've cashed in."
16th Nov 2013 10:35
"Cheers Kenny, we have all been thinking the same. YNWA"
16th Nov 2013 10:40
"Poster-9.22 i see your positive again, i also see the numbers have changed ( after your name) again- poor comment lad"
16th Nov 2013 11:36
"All bow to the King. "
16th Nov 2013 12:05
"Br does need support at boardroom level and here we can see that he has it. Kenny understands that as a manager you have really only on e shot at success if you drop the ball it can go bad quicky. Br needs to be supported in the transfer window and kenny will try to put the pressure on Ayer and co "
16th Nov 2013 12:24
"br has spent a fortune on potential also, look at arsenal 42m on one proven player and only one wage not 6 players on 60k/wk, we need two proven midfielders in Jan to keep us up there."
16th Nov 2013 12:25
"Sign Konoplyanka, Koke and Rakitic"
16th Nov 2013 12:42
"BR cleared the mess up and is doing a great job taking us forward, BR has simply had to rebuild the club from the grass roots upwards and it is only his vision and knowledge that has taken us to second in the table with a young exciting squad!"
16th Nov 2013 12:55
"Nemanja Matic from Benfica ...please."
16th Nov 2013 12:59
"Spurs GAINED? So Spurs new stadium came for free? Perhaps people need to understand the difference between fresh investment and player spend. And then look at the numbers again."
16th Nov 2013 13:06
"Factuly spurs are behind us the last timed i looked- and there fans arnt happy with avb"
16th Nov 2013 13:06
"Saurez, Toure, Sturridge, Lucas, Herrard, Sahko ain't so young....we ain't second because of Sterling or Suso....belief in youth my rse!"
16th Nov 2013 13:14
"And on the subject of club investment vs player investment (buying cheap young players looking to sell on at profit) can anyone remember the last time FSG invested in the club and spent 20m plus on top talent like arsenal did with Ozil?...I rest my case!"
16th Nov 2013 13:24
"Cabeye and a bold bid for arron lennon and one more can really push us for le bid"
16th Nov 2013 13:26
" robty - Pity ? Perfect timing in my opinion. Otherwise we wouldn't have BR, the players he's brought in and the project he's put in place. "
16th Nov 2013 13:32
"when br took over we were in europe and had just won a trophy.t0p 4 a must because br not able to attract top midfielders."
16th Nov 2013 13:32
"If only his commitment or desire can be passed on the players! Nevertheless, i believe if we stay together we can be rewarded handsomely end of may! "
16th Nov 2013 13:39
"LFC-16- ill 2nd that post. Spot on."
16th Nov 2013 13:50
"Of course Kenny's right. Chelsea and the two Manchesters have new managers. Sometimes this gives teams a little boost, but it seems like the opposite for them. None of these have hit their stride yet. And of course all those extra Champions League flights take their toll. We need to take advantage now, before they get a chance to strengthen."
16th Nov 2013 13:57
"We can attract top midfielders but seem intent on buying 7.7m centre forwards who never play and " need to improve".....back to owners who are willing to spend "what it takes" to ensure RedSox success whilst LFC root around the bargain basket of Europes relegation teams and cast o!"
16th Nov 2013 13:58
"I hope Brendan has told FSG & Iain Ayre what players he wants in the January transfer window and the move quicker than they have in the past "
16th Nov 2013 14:21
"The results between now and Christmas will define our season. To echo Kenny's comments, 'Now is the time to seize the opportunity'. Bring home the points from Everton, City, Chelsea and Tottenham and we will be right in the mix come May."
16th Nov 2013 14:25
"cabaye and yarmolenko/el shaaraway will do !!!"
16th Nov 2013 14:29
"Same old yaaaaawn"
16th Nov 2013 17:29
"KD is the epitome of the word 'maestro', on & off the field; no-one I can think of comes anywhere near his achievements for football. It's an absolute travesty so many LFC fans remember KD as the one who helped buy AC, SD, etc. & not for the legendary player & manager he was. Those who whinge about KD's transfers, tell me whether every purchase Fergie, Wenger, Mourinho, Mancini made were hits?"
16th Nov 2013 17:30
"There are people who comment here who are so thick they can't manage to string a basic coherent sentence together or spell the simplest of words correctly. Small wonder they end up driving round in circles all day."
16th Nov 2013 17:37
"It's a shame people bang on about KKs transfer activity and forget to mention he won a cup, got us to a final were we were robbed and qualified us for Europe! Plus it isn't like we have been geniuses in the transfer window since! "
16th Nov 2013 17:51
"mushroomscouserF40 16th Nov 2013 17:37 yes we haven't been great in the transfer window but that is not down 2 the manger that is down 2 FSG and Iain Ayre messing around and not spending the money as FSG are nicking our profits and spending them on there beloved red socks "
16th Nov 2013 18:13
" This has got to be one of the funniest pieces I have ever read, just summing up the last 12 months or so at LFC - absolute gem!"
16th Nov 2013 18:51
"lfc4ever76 16th Nov 2013 right...but I personally don't bang on and throw up bad signings as a negative. Buying players is risky...all managers make bad signings. It's only disrespectful wool chavs who bang on about Carroll and Downing."
16th Nov 2013 19:30
"mushroomscouserF40 16th Nov 2013 18:51 that is bang on everyone manger makes bad signings but it does not help when the so called owners do not buy the players u want and go 4 the cheap option as they r putting your profit into there beloved Boston Red socks "
16th Nov 2013 20:10
"Same old idiots saying the same old things abt br and fsg-someone must be going round in circles or suffer from tourettes( have i spelt it right)!!! Some clearly need some happiness in there life as there are constantly negative- pathetic lad "
16th Nov 2013 21:40
"keep up the Great Work BR, you are rescuing the club back from the brink game by game,and you work in the transfer market is only questioned by people with lack of tactical knowledge, it is clear why you buy certain players, squad competition, and it is the reason we are second... "
16th Nov 2013 21:44
"also... no top manager in the world would have paid 35 million for Carrol, then £20mil for downing, then £20 mil for Hendo.... at least since BR too over we have bid 20 million for Costa, and 22 mil for mikahariyan, not BRs fault we did not get them it shows BR has true knowledge and ambition!"
16th Nov 2013 22:08
"Lonwars- your posts keep us all sane-cant understand why some. Are so negative"
16th Nov 2013 22:09
"I have to say though I have been critical tonight but, I do agree with KK and he is rightfully putting pressure on the owners to buy true quality to take us forward, and Rodgers if given the money will spend it right!!! Allen was the outstanding MOTM for wales today people... "
16th Nov 2013 22:11
"you too centrecircle,keep up the good work yourself my like minded friend!"
16th Nov 2013 22:31
"I think fsg will put there hand in there pockets, i dont think that is the problem, its whether or not the players want to come cos of no champions lge, so we need to get in top 4, this will also improve revenues to lfs and bring in quality players"
16th Nov 2013 22:33
""The only team to prevent us winning at anfield?" I love it!! THEY BEAT US"
16th Nov 2013 22:38
"to centrecircle, if we can keep up the current league position by Jan, a few top players may take the chance/option of joining us to get into the champions league next season, will be an exciting January, what BR pulled off last January was our best transfer Window for decades! "
16th Nov 2013 22:50
"To be honest this is a big season for our club kk is right we must take the opertunity- also we must improve the midfield as defence/ upfront is ok- big fixtures in december- this will be a big test"
16th Nov 2013 23:11
"yep I agree again, we need a top top midfielder to come in and show all of our midfielders what class is!"
16th Nov 2013 23:20
"centrecircle11 16th Nov 2013 22:31 u r kidding yourself if u think FSG will put there hand in there pocket 2 buy players that Brendan wants they r only thinking about giving our profit 2 there beloved Boston Red-socks "
17th Nov 2013 0:54
"KK is spot on. FSG has shown that they will spend the money, so when we're still in the top 4 in January they will spend to push us to the top. "
17th Nov 2013 2:06
"shawct "FORMER CLUB"???? "
17th Nov 2013 3:42
"Mushroom-end; FSG have never taken a pence of profit from FSG and given it to the Red Sox. The Sox have several times over the funds that LFC have. Get your conspiracy theory straight you sound like a thick fool. Why not check the published accounts, maybe you won't look like a mushroom shaped bell."
17th Nov 2013 8:55
"totokia 17th Nov 2013 3:42 - thanks for that insight - some Brits can remain ignorant to Red Sox's stature. How idiotic must anyone be to think FSG think they can achieve success at LFC without investment. Yes FSG want profit but they are businessmen. Speculate to aculate. It's not gonna happen overnight. Our club needs our support, not tools insisting we've failed already..."
17th Nov 2013 9:19
" This is an old article but still entirely relevant. LFC is a bigger brand than BRS so what sense would it make for successful businessmen to fleece the former to fund the latter? Because they're American and prefer baseball?? GET REAL!! Read it. FSG have invested unwisely in the past and are learning from their mistakes. YNWA"
17th Nov 2013 13:55
"MushroomScouser you are an absolute idiot! Every one of your comments I have read has been utter garbage. You call yourself a fan hahah "
17th Nov 2013 15:08
"legendary-red - can you imagine, if we won the league, there'd be Utd and Everton fans less bitter than him!! The guy is an absolute JOKE!! Still, if he wants to carry on showing himself up with his prejudiced and unsubstantiated whinging then I suppose we gotta just let him. He pictures himself atop a high horse, but ultimately has ZERO credibility..."
17th Nov 2013 18:42
"Some say hail the King and damn BR even though we are 2nd, lol. I love it when some fans true colours come out and they show their allegiance to KK instead of LFC. The best way of dealing with these moron is success. So lets keep going and watch this idiots squirm with every win. "