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Big admirer of the German Bundesliga, and the Bender twins are cracking players. Lars would be a brilliant addition, but I rate Sven higher, and there is far more competition in the BVB squad in that position, which may lead to an easier acquisition. Would love some German players in our squad!
15th Nov 2013 11:56
15th Nov 2013 11:57
"Lars could be the next Schweinsteiger. "
15th Nov 2013 14:10
"Is Molby for real!! Lars bender is a great player, who is wanted by Arsenal(they made a bid for him earlier in the year) and was also wanted by ManUtd. Which is why Leverkusen have just signed him up to a new deal that keeps him at the club for another 5 years. Ergo, he isn't available."
15th Nov 2013 14:31
"We need a stronger and more creative central midfielders, what I am saying for years. Player as Z.Zidan or P.Viera would be ideal for us."
15th Nov 2013 16:01
"I have him on FIFA!!! "
15th Nov 2013 17:20
"Robbieak If he wants to join LFC and the club is willing to pay what Leverkusen want or at least go as close as possible then why not ? We won't lose anything if we give it a try after all."
15th Nov 2013 18:48
"As a replacement for Stevie G, we would have to look at 2 options, a young player with a load of potential at a good price OR do we go and get a 29-32 yrs old with loads of experience, I'll leave it to BR to decide,, YNWA LFC & JFT96 "
15th Nov 2013 20:55
"would be a quality signing for us but im sure would cost a lot of money !"
15th Nov 2013 20:58
"Verox 15th Nov 2013 11:56 Would love some German players in our squad! I've been thinking that for ages and ages, they bring steel and stability to a team, I just love them, get Keissling as well please!"
16th Nov 2013 3:32
"listen to jan he talks sense ,,,,a player of gerrards calibre or similair ("because theres only one stevie g"), is what we should be looking at not costa,or sidney samanther,or that german defender no ones heard of."
Natural Poolie
16th Nov 2013 14:01
"Lars Bender is a super player to and would ba a great addition. While speaking if German players Muller would be a great addition too but would be expensive and we would definitely need to be top 4 at least for him to even think of moving"