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SIGN HIM!!! 20m wud be a bargain
15th Nov 2013 11:31
15th Nov 2013 11:58
"Apparently Dortmund are in for him as a replacement for Lewandowski."
15th Nov 2013 12:48
"We will probably need a Suarez replacement unfortunately in the Summer... hopefully this will be him! "
15th Nov 2013 17:06
"Costa, might have scored more goals than Messi this season, have you forgot Messi has been injured, & has now returned for treatment, after just returning, come on people wake up ."
Big O88
15th Nov 2013 19:19
"He turned us down in the summer ... Don't need him or want him thank u very Much! "
15th Nov 2013 20:29
"No chance will cost at least 32 mill top playerideal suarez replacement if required he signed new contract so clause taken out"
15th Nov 2013 21:03
"We could get 120million for Suarez, that's what he's worth now, so who is rich and willing enough to fork out that kind of money? We would be insane to sell him for less, absolutely mad to do it. King Luis stays, he's to us what Messi is to Barca, ain't goin' anywhere."
15th Nov 2013 22:07
"Why do pathetic dumbass fans think Suarez will leave? He is worth more than Bale and no club will pay that much. Costa would be a waste of money. Far better talent out there for less than 10M. Hernandez? Marcos Junior? "
16th Nov 2013 3:27
"you gotta love media bull but then there are some dumb people out there ,,,would madrid even sell him hes just signed a new contract"
16th Nov 2013 9:44
"He would be an excellent addition, I really hoped we wold get him last summer, some quality for midfield in Jan and this guy in Summer would make our squad very strong."
16th Nov 2013 9:46
"Coutinho10?11, I agree and I too believe he will stay and review his options in the summer, there is a correlation between when he goes home and him becoming 'unsettled' all will be clearer after world cup, if we got CL I don't see any reason he would leave "
16th Nov 2013 9:49
"gerrardstillboss. I see what your saying but since when has a contract ever stopped someone leaving, and Spanish side need money aside from big 2 over there they are pretty skint so the contract last summer could be to keep market value of the player for them."
Natural Poolie
16th Nov 2013 13:54
"If we could get him for £20M then that would be a bargain for a striker in for BUT we need DM cover and widemen as priority IMO"
17th Nov 2013 5:45
"If we are in the Champions League, get him. Period."
17th Nov 2013 18:43
"We should offer £25 million at christmas to try to force early sale. Quality player and would help convince our magic no7 that we really do mean business!"