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see it Messi hahahha
15th Nov 2013 10:00
15th Nov 2013 10:02
"sorry JOE but you will never be world class loses possesion easily lighweight to say theleast. finally brenden has to accept its 15 million wasted rather go for koke iturbe max mayer "
15th Nov 2013 10:48
"Sikhred you talk total garbage, how any games has he played? how many chances has he been given to establish himself? very few. Unlike Lucas who has had years and years and still is not up to the required standard-why are you not having a go at him instead of picking on a youngster. You are not a true red at all are you, try supporting the team for a change you might actually like it."
15th Nov 2013 10:49
"sikhred : I bet you said the same thing about Lucas when he first arrived! Fickle fans like you is exactly the trademarks of being a S fan rather than a Kopite. We reds support the player trough hard times and help them succeed! And to judge him only because he hasn't had the greatest of season seems rather unfair and unprofessional. "
15th Nov 2013 10:49
"remember start of last season when he was voted player of the month?? No? of course i wouldn't expect a fan like you to know!. "
15th Nov 2013 11:00
"sikhred u r really sick why don't go and support something else "
15th Nov 2013 11:03
"guys im not fickle were is downing now not to mention other average joes like andy carrol joe cole. how many games has joe played he was regular starter last season jordon is much better than him and he has proved that even thou jordon isnt world class he the best in that position weve got in order for livrpool to be leaders. "
15th Nov 2013 11:04
"we need world class not average joes would he get into chelsea manu team answer no"
15th Nov 2013 11:31
"to be honest sikhred he wasnt great by any means last year i agree with ya ther, but from what i saw of him this year he was starting to play well and find some form. not fair to say hel never be world class, look at ramsey last year and now this. i dont know would koke, iturbe or max mayer do any better? fair play joe, good to see him back."
15th Nov 2013 11:31
"I agree with sikhred's last comment. Either give Joe a chance to find his form again or send him out on loan and see how he does. Its great that he was a good player when he first came in but now is what matters and we need a midfield that can compete with the likes of Arsenal's."
15th Nov 2013 12:11
"Allen,Alberto,Aspas Borini,Assaidi,Yesil, Illori...I am far more confused now over transfer policy than ever.Players signed at considerable cost who hardly or never actually play(ed) has to wonder."
15th Nov 2013 12:13
"That said, I dont see any point in slating players during the season. Out of season is the time for slating players...wools for ya!"
15th Nov 2013 12:35
"mushroomer scouser im probably frustrated yes i agree with you our transfer policy is confusing hence we bought aspas and other unproven talent if you added up all monies a couple qualty signings who play regularly would benefit us far more "
15th Nov 2013 12:44
"You would never believe if you listened to funghi or sikhred that we wre lying 2nd in the table. I have beseeched Funghi to take his brand of depressive talks to a site where its best suited, like - suicide anonymous, or - depressed are us. "
15th Nov 2013 12:47
"What is undoubted is Allen natural ability, but what is in doubt is whether he has the mentality for a top team. So many times a player arrives at a big club and find it too daunting and then clam up. I feel he is ready to make a mark this saeson judging by his recent demeanour. "
15th Nov 2013 13:03
"buddha i know were second i merely reflecting that we should go for quality players that have technical ability and also mental strength to be match winners "
15th Nov 2013 13:20
"sikhred A great team is made up of many components and not all will have the technical ability of a Suarez or Phillipe but we need grafters like Allen and Henderson to do the donkey work to let the more creative players shine and have the burden taken off. I remember one Steve Mac and Emlyn Hughes as unsung heroes.YNWA"
15th Nov 2013 13:28
"lfc 1958 well said i seemed to have ruffled few feathers hope we keep up winning ways walk on"
15th Nov 2013 13:34
"I was confident Lucas would make it as for Allen I am still not sure equally I remember Mr Benitez paid about 6 millions for Lucas as for Allen Mr Rodgers paid about 15 millioms for a player he should have paid not more than 7 millions finally Allen should stop giving interviews and get on with his work because fans are interested in his performance."
15th Nov 2013 13:41
"mushroomscouser, don't you remember Rodgers saying after he'd bought the players you mention that they were squad players to improve with the club to give the first team more competition, he had planned to add quality but with the Suarez saga in the summer attentions were somewhere else. "
15th Nov 2013 13:47
"sikhred, correct £15 million for Allen is a lot, however I think youâ"
JAL 58
15th Nov 2013 14:50
"skingrad You are so right , Allen is twice the player Lucas will ever be .That useless article Lucas trotted back as Arsenals 33 year old Rosicky and Arteta rang ring round him , and yet the next week he is back in the team . Ive said this since Lucas walked in the door , he is the worst DM ive ever seen at our great club ..and is an embarassment to the term " great midfielders ."
Red kardinal
15th Nov 2013 15:27
"Joe,you are a victim of British media over-hype,but with hard work you will reach your personal goals.YNWA"
15th Nov 2013 15:54
"Wow- some stinging criticism of Lucas- sadly struggle to disagree. Rate Sakho highly, but dont get 18 mil being spent on him when our midfield is so poor. Strange one that. Jan 1st is the time to judge this team as to 'where we are at'. Here's hoping its still 2nd, or higher...:)"
15th Nov 2013 16:14
"I am not sure the barrage on Lucas is warranted but we need to provide competition in his area, DM. "
Dede 7
15th Nov 2013 16:56
"sikhred; you don't know Joe Allen. you think you have seen it all? sorry JOE ALLEN will prove you wrong, mark my words. He will soon earn his place because he is a good player. once again many dont know what Joe Allen can offer. they are yet to see. in BR we trust. ALLEN YNWA."
Natural Poolie
15th Nov 2013 17:16
"Some people on this site make me laugh, they say you shouldn't slate players when you mention one player then slate a different player in the same paragraph lol hypocrites. This site is for lfc fans to voice their opinions, if we all agreed there would be no point to it."
Natural Poolie
15th Nov 2013 17:20
"Joe has been unlucky with injuries, there's no getting away from that fact BUT he has proven very little in the chances he has had. The one good thing he has is ball retention when we have the ball, without the ball though he is too slow and too weak IMO as for Lucas, too inconsistent, we need cover in midfield and wide "
15th Nov 2013 17:50
"I like Joe, I think we will only see the best of him if left to his own devices without SG next to him. How long he will have to wait for that opportunity - who knows?"
15th Nov 2013 17:52
"Natural Poolie 17:13 " This site is for lfc fans to voice their opinions, if we all agreed there would be no point to it" I completely disagree:)"
15th Nov 2013 18:48
"It's still hard to get a handle on how good Joe is and if he's really good enough. Most of his Liverpool career has been plagued by injuries. I think he played poorly sometimes last season, but it turns out he had a bad shoulder all that time. I still reckon it'd be good for him to work on his physique and be more progressive in his play."
Natural Poolie
15th Nov 2013 20:41
"Redahendo lol"
16th Nov 2013 3:46
"theres only one joe allen,theres only one joe aaaaaalllllleeeen ! the welsh xavi he was awesome for team GB at the olympics cant wait to see him at that level for us."
16th Nov 2013 5:02
"I believe that you are better than Gerrard at this moment. All you need is fair treatment but I doubt you will ever get it at this club. Not much to worry as Gerrard's retirement is just a couple of years away."
16th Nov 2013 5:15
"Jal 58. You don't know what you are talking about By saying Lucas is the worst DM. I think his solid DM and doing great job. Otherwise he wouldn't be the Brazil national team. ,!!!! ,!."
JAL 58
16th Nov 2013 20:59
"Noorig He is not in the Brazil team , he been called into the squad there is a world of difference .. Solid , doing a great job, what have you got to compare him with ? nothing because the previous 3 managers stuck with him , by the way them managers got sacked . Try looking at some of the DMs elsewhere , Dembele , Song , Bender etc then realise what weve had to put up with for 7 years ."