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I am fumming at the change of policy over these ticket sales, I could not attend 13+ home games last season but I did go to 8 last season, as with usual ticket sales, first eligibility is to 13+ games recorded, then usually 7+ for category A games, this time it was open to ALL fans...
14th Nov 2013 15:34
14th Nov 2013 15:34
"- I think this is appalling given repeated support is not rewarded as it always has been, I ended up with 1 ticket to the everton match (which needed 7 game attendance) after online queuing 2 and a half hours!"
14th Nov 2013 15:36
"I think it is a tad naughty of the club to lump those with 12 games from last season in to a mass free for all with new members with no credits... I feel a more tiered sale criteria, would be more of a reward to those who have attended some games in the past, and hope to do so more in the future... jft96, ynwa"
14th Nov 2013 16:12
"I've been a regular at home games since 1984/85. I've decided that I'm now priced out of it so I'm sticking to away matches and cup matches. I'm a fan, not a customer and until I'm treated like a fan I'll be sticking to my guns."
14th Nov 2013 16:26
"Ridiculously inaccurate article. There were many problems with people buying tickets. Nothing to do with going over the allocated time. Is there a reason for people trying to check out with tickets disappearing from their baskets for no reason? The drop from 13+ home games to a free for all is a complete joke. Listen to what your fans want for a chane instead of listening to your bank balance."
14th Nov 2013 16:53
"Is it just me or was it much harder to get tickets in the 1st sale on Tuesday than any other time. Starting to think ian ayre and the rest of the money grabbing board is selling more and more tickets to the corporate section and not the real supporters of the club. WE ARE SUPPORTERS NOT CUSTOMERS. "
14th Nov 2013 17:16
"Misleading, that. The system may have 'stood up to the demand' in that it ultimately got 90% of tickets sold for the club but it didn't stand up technically thro' the ordering process. In addition it seems to numerous others, my basket mysteriously emptied at checkout & I had to start over without enough time left to complete within the 30 mn. Had to queue again & didn't get what I had originally."
14th Nov 2013 18:39
"I agree that the new policy was a bit 'out of no where' but for the love of god can the rest of you stop moaning. At the end of the day, I used the same sustem and maxed out my membership. This customers comment was taken out of proportion and getting a bit boring now"
14th Nov 2013 19:15
"I am fuming too.Attended 11 premier league games last season,and already bought 8 for this season. But the scrapping of the 7+ rule for category A games meant I could only get Villa and Everton yesterday. New members have the same priority as members for several years.Peion for the 7+ rule to be reinstated.Alonzo14"
14th Nov 2013 20:01
"I completely agree with the criticism in the earlier comments. I got through online after approx. 2 hrs and managed to get tickets for only 5 games into the basket. Then they all disappeared before I could checkout. I had to go back through the process and ended up with only 2 despite attending 11 games last season, and having tickets for 7 games for the 1st half of this season."
14th Nov 2013 20:01
"The truth is that this ticket sale was massively over subscribed because we are now doing well and fair weather supporters have decided they want to go to games. The club needs to show some loyalty to the fans who turned up when results were not so good. Its our money that paid for Suarez, Sturridge and Coutinho. Future sales must give priority to prior attendance so that we can see them play."
14th Nov 2013 20:27
"The club is being disingenuous. People are losing tickets in their basket because the software is buggy. It's nothing to do with the 10-minute and 30-minute timeout periods. I've had it happen to me twice well within those periods."
14th Nov 2013 20:28
"It's also disgraceful that the club erroneously claim people are entered into the ticket queue at 08:15 on a first-come, first-served basis. There's plenty of evidence of people who connected at 07:45 being assigned later queue places than people who connected at 08:10."
14th Nov 2013 20:29
"Apart from a few techies who know how to game the system to get in quickly, it is essentially pot luck. If you're unlucky, you could miss out for 9/10 games. This is the main reason why the club should revert to separate sales for each game. Being unlucky on one game is tolerable; being unlucky on half a season's games is just not fair."
14th Nov 2013 23:14
"I agree had tickets for 5 games in basket when it emptied and had 15 minutes left so nothing to do with time out. Go to 10/11 league matches plus cup and Europe home and away but now just 6 tickets for this season whilst new members get same priority! Bring back game by game"
15th Nov 2013 8:19
"Two hours waiting then got through the que and reverted back to start and another 40 min later all tickets sold out so had to buy hospitality tickets but I can be 100per cent sure touts will have them we need to build anfield especially if we are on the way back as it looks and watch all the cardboard fans come out "