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We will end up loaning him out to a team back in Spain just like Suso who is a very good young player that's getting high ratings back in Spain when he could be In our own team,,YNWA.
14th Nov 2013 11:03
14th Nov 2013 11:42
"This guy is class, only took a few highlights in pre season to know that"
14th Nov 2013 12:01
" Red-coutinho - Suso loan has been a great loan. "
14th Nov 2013 12:04
"any player being loaned to any team is always a good experience and Suso as well as Wisdom can only benefit because right now they are not ready for the first team."
14th Nov 2013 13:07
"good luck Canos, hope u fulfill ur potential for yourself and for LFC. incidentally, loaning Suso was clearly a good move. he'll replace moses when he comes back. COYR"
14th Nov 2013 13:17
"Nice to read some sense being written insead of criticism Our talent needs to be nurtured YNWA "
14th Nov 2013 16:10
"He is one to watch, very skillful and he can score goals! "
Assassins Creed YNWA
14th Nov 2013 19:57
"Stone the crows! Something positive from Binomial. Hell must have frozen over. OK, in the spirit of good will, Lloris is a great keeper ;)"
15th Nov 2013 11:29
"Red-coutinho...Suso was not ready to play week in week out in the premier league, it is a whole different ball game to Spanish football, a full season over there will develop him greatly. Playing him here too much before he was ready and where he would not have it easy would have knocked his confidence, stunted his development and could ruin a young player. "
15th Nov 2013 11:32
"its one of the reasons so many of Englands young talents dont fill there potential. There are very few willing to go to a different country where they could develop at a more suitable pace, get thrown into the spotlight of premierleague or championship both of which are tough and demanding leagues. "
16th Nov 2013 3:11
"kept that one quiet!,welcome to liverpool sergi ,,,i dont know why people think loaning suso out is a bad thing hes been one of the best players in spain so far this season hes getting vital playing time and xp ,,,he aint going no where dont worry"