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The World needs to respond and help these afflicted people. What else is more important? Keep on keeping on Jo Li and all your country you will overcome this. my thoughts are with those especially who have lost loved ones
12th Nov 2013 10:50
12th Nov 2013 11:33
"Prayers with all those affected...keep strong...YNWA"
12th Nov 2013 12:58
"Thank you LFC for posting this letter with guidance to give to the Philippine's Red Cross. With all the charities and govt appeals its good to have a direct route to send funds/help to the Philippine's. Our thoughts are with you all, YNWA."
12th Nov 2013 13:38
"its a pity pls fellow Reds lets help out and save lives. Take heart brother...."
12th Nov 2013 14:46
"Our thoughts are with you at this horrific time. Be strong. YNWA "
12th Nov 2013 15:22
"Wouldn't it be great if the club could play some friendlies and donate all the proceeds to help the Philipinos? It's not as if it couldn't be done, if Everton, Manu and some other top clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal etc did likewise, it could raise a small fortune to help these poor suffering people. "
12th Nov 2013 15:28
"Beautiful country, wonderful people. We need to help them."
12th Nov 2013 15:47
"my deepest condolences to you are not alone in this. The almighty God is going to see you through."
12th Nov 2013 16:17
"Red cross do brilliant work, I always contribute to them every month.. Also RNLI because they don't get recognised enough, yet volunteers risk their lives to save others.. RIP to all those that have lost their lives and God bless those that are recovering from their loss... YNWA "
12th Nov 2013 19:22
"Our thoughts are with you at this time, you will not walk alone, hopefully as many people that can support the disaster fund will, God keep you all in his care YNWA"
12th Nov 2013 21:02
"Our Prayers and Thoughts are with the people of the Philippines. YNWA. World needs to react quickly and help ASAP. Big Hugs to all of the Filipino people. God Bless You All"
12th Nov 2013 23:52
"It's time to donate NOW! they need us, no matter they're reds or not. Philippines is a great place. I also think the world bank and IMF should chip in with a few billion too, and NOT as a loan!!!!! YNWA Philippines, we're thinking of you in this time of desperate need..."
13th Nov 2013 9:09
"I think the suggestion from Loz 99 is a very good one - especially as we have so many blank midweek fixtures! "
13th Nov 2013 10:19
"Folks, prayers and thoughts are great - really - but I think it's money they need most. Perhaps the money we have saved from not being able to get match tickets this morning. Grrr. Benefit game is a great idea."
13th Nov 2013 10:48
"Football is not bigger than this. Amazing how worked up people get about a stupid game when we should be focused on real issues more. sickening."
14th Nov 2013 19:31
"As a loyal supporter from the Philippines, I am deeply moved and touched by all support shown by fellow REDS. Thank you for all your support and concern to my countrymen. We'll never walke alone. "