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What about existing members who signed up at the beginning of the season?
11th Nov 2013 13:19
11th Nov 2013 13:57
"Could not agree more redNALS."
11th Nov 2013 14:05
"Could not agree more RedNALS."
11th Nov 2013 16:29
"Spot on redNALS what's good for the goose is good for the gander and that, we want fair play for all"
11th Nov 2013 17:31
"I agree, didn't offer anything like that for the first half of the season!"
12th Nov 2013 7:37
"i just hope someone is reading all our comments and does something about it"
12th Nov 2013 17:04
"must be short of members nowt for those that paid full "
12th Nov 2013 21:28
"Please note, all current 2013-14 Members will be automatically entered into the draw."
12th Nov 2013 22:54
"Yesgirl - some people are so eager to find fault they overlook the obvious. Yes folks current members are AUTOMATICALLY entered into the draw"
12th Nov 2013 22:55
"I would think its for all the members not just the new ones "
12th Nov 2013 22:57
"It doesn't say anything about just for new members it says official members Whitchurch is all "
13th Nov 2013 9:42
"Waited two hrs online today for members tickets.....what a f"%^&ing joke"
13th Nov 2013 9:56
"About as much chance of getting tickets this way as you have via the online ticket sale!!!!"
13th Nov 2013 12:30
"This may be the only way to get tickets. I also waited for two hours on line, then found out everything was sold out. What else would you need membership for. May as well use the Membership money towards BT subscription?? "
13th Nov 2013 13:27
"Your membership is a con. Why did you advertise again knowing full well it was massively over subscribed!!!!!"
13th Nov 2013 20:04
"I also sat there in the queue watching as games got sold out.You can tell how hard it is for members to get tickets,the Everton game still has tickets available because hardly anybody was lucky enough to get 7 tickets last season!.God knows how anybody got the 13 needed for the man utd game!."
14th Nov 2013 12:18
"i am an existing member who could not get tickets for second half of the i allowed to leave and rejoin as this would be my only chance!!!!"
14th Nov 2013 16:27
"I was disappointed when I read about this competition as I tried to get tickets on Wednesday for the 8/Feb 2014 via arsenal at home for me and my wife as it is our 46th wedding anniversary both members but missed out I know new members are important but so are existing members,"