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Would rather sign lallana he was class yesterday
Big O88
10th Nov 2013 9:36
10th Nov 2013 10:33
"The craziness has begun a la' Andy Carroll"
10th Nov 2013 11:09
"So I take it that he will be playing at White Heart Lane next season. We must set higher standards for LFC. "
10th Nov 2013 12:10
"we need proven player already a player like menez would be great we only need 1 new winger.. suso will be back at season end"
10th Nov 2013 13:23
"NO!!!! this guy is good,but in a mid-table team with no huge pressure.Don't fall into the Joe Allen trap again of paying way over the odds for a guy who had one good season with Swans.We need TOP players. We need to strenghten,dont be fooled by hammering a poor Fulham."
10th Nov 2013 13:27
"We all have different players we would like I am still in shock over Erikson going to spurs as we could have got him but that's football.if we are still sitting in the top for come January I hope we get funds to sign a couple of players better then Aspas and Cissoko."
10th Nov 2013 13:50
"BR needs to do everything he can to buy Honda and Hernandez. These 2 would push Liverpool to a top 3 finish. Hernandez is improving and has already scored 8 goals and got 2 assists in 10 games. It would feel like signing another Sturridge. "
10th Nov 2013 13:55
"I mentioned Redmond a few years ago and not many had even heard of him until quite recently. Another name I would like to throw out to you guys is Marcos Junior, a Brazilian striker who is just 20 but I'm sure he will be a top striker in a few years time. Right now he is worth only a few million but would be a gem for the future. "
10th Nov 2013 13:58
"We will eventually lose Suarez but who in their right mind would suggest this is the player to fill the void??? Is someone having a laugh???"
10th Nov 2013 15:29
"Not LFC have our fingers not been burned before with spending lavishly on average uk Based players carall Hendo downing, not for me thank you "
10th Nov 2013 16:06
"In January if we have money to spend and are still up there then we should be in for gundogan, yarmolenko and someone like Defoe/ hernandez as a back up striker. Good performance yesterday but still needs improvement against bigger teams. YNWA"
10th Nov 2013 20:42
"Big O88 ... totally agree with you mate he was outstanding for Southampton yesterday, with a class goal to cap it off "
Bib l f c
10th Nov 2013 21:54
"Not good enough......"
10th Nov 2013 23:36
"we need a Lallana, he is a wonderful player"
11th Nov 2013 0:49
"I'll 2nd that big o88, albeit a different position, Lallana is looking like a top player now."
11th Nov 2013 2:59
"soton, middle table? Defoe as a backup? Lallana??? Thank god you all don't scout for Rodger's."
11th Nov 2013 11:31
"Why Rodriguez, "cos he"s cheap?... Its quality, we need, not cheap.."
11th Nov 2013 11:31
"Why Rodriguez, "cos he"s cheap?... Its quality, we need, not cheap.."
11th Nov 2013 11:33
"neither players thanx . they r decent players at southampton but would struggle at LFC"
11th Nov 2013 11:36
"Sorry Guys!! I must have sent the same message twice re: rodriguez... Humble appologise.. :-( "
11th Nov 2013 16:03
"If we were looking into him then we have to take a look into Rickie Lambert while we are there... maybe give a promising Fabio Borini and maybe 25 for both. There would solve our striker problem with two young guns. Borini hasn't fit with BR so he might as well move."
11th Nov 2013 16:55
"Did someone just mention Defoe? are you in your right mind hes been a flop his whole career, one of the most over rated players ever in the mould of Owen and that sick note winger we had for years, God help us if so called fans are stuck in that sort of mind set."
12th Nov 2013 1:11
"Why do ppl think that quality players can only come from 'big' clubs or sometimes even countries. have you's seen Southampton play this year? and where they lie in the table, that isnt a fluke, its because they have some very talented players, Rodriguez and Lallana are brilliant and rater than struggle at liverpool surely their talent would shine brighter alongside better players. "
12th Nov 2013 8:45
12th Nov 2013 8:53
"adam lallana !!"
12th Nov 2013 17:56
"lallana !!!"