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Well done Skrtel! I am more confident of clean sheets when you and Agger team up. Keep it up!
10th Nov 2013 9:19
10th Nov 2013 9:21
"Solid display by Skrtel,capped with a goal.A clean sheet was pleasing and a great team effort.Suarez is an absolute magician,one of the worlds best."
10th Nov 2013 9:51
"the prems best defender so far this season keep it up martin."
10th Nov 2013 10:05
"Has anyone wondered why BR spent so much signing defenders when we already had the best back 4 in the pl? and they were backed up by wisdom and kelly? money that could have been best spent on 2 QUALITY midfielders. i wonder."
10th Nov 2013 10:11
"cissoko was bought to add competition but not to replace enrique. so now that he has proven that he is not the messiah, give enrique back his shirt and let's focus on getting quality midfielders in january"
10th Nov 2013 10:34
"It was a great piece of business getting some competition going at the back, we do have some of the best defenders in the pl but injuries do happen and players need competition to keep them sharp. Our midfield has enough cover to cope with injuries as has been proven since Allen and Coutinho have been injured. Overall we have a good balance to the squad but probably still need cover at dm"
abbeyleix kop
10th Nov 2013 11:38
"im delighted that skrtel stayed in the summer he is 1 of our best defenders and im delighted he is back in the team and playing at his best ,both he and dagger are by far the best defensive pairings we have keep it up ynwa"
10th Nov 2013 14:16
"With Agger and Enrique back in the team,BR can use any system be it 3-5-2 or 4-4-2 or 4-3-3.Johnson and Enrique are the best WB in the team.Skrtel and Agger are the best CB we have.Toure can fit into the 3-5-2 system so long as Johnson,Agger,Skrtel and Enrique are playing.Sakho and Cissokho still need to adapt to English soccer."
10th Nov 2013 14:23
""Sot-on". You are spot on."
Dede 7
10th Nov 2013 15:02
"You have been solid at the back. well done. i think criticism is good coz i saw an improvement in Gerrard and Henderson who have been flat previously. just like skrtel received a few months back now he is stable. Lets not develop grudges when a fan makes an observation and brings out an opinion. its shows how concerned one is. Lets call A A not B. YNWA."
10th Nov 2013 16:58
"can people stop moaning, we are currently 2nd in the table and hopefully we will improve in january with a centre mid box to box player and a winger/forward. I think it´s great that we loaned cisshoko for cover and that we bought toure,sakho and ilori , soon we will be as strong in midfield. we are on the up :) people judging Aspas and Alberto already are idiots. "
10th Nov 2013 17:00
"allen can still come good, but I'm more worried about borini but we shall see. Brendan has done a great job so far in total with his transfers. you can´t and won´t get them all right, look at Wenger and Ferguson, they have had plenty of flops. we also haven't had the luxury to be able to just pick our top targets coz of lack of cl footie"
10th Nov 2013 17:03
"last year defence was our big problem,,both skrtl and agger has not performed consistently enough, guess its easy to put blame on reina, but part from last season he was good. I'm very pleased that both skrtl and agger looks improved this year, may have something to do with that they have worked under BR longer and Toure has been a great influence"
10th Nov 2013 17:06
"spot on: I agree re Cisshoko and Sakho, I think they have done fairly well though considering it takes a while to adapt. isn't it great to have such a strong bench in the defence ? soon we will make the midfield stronger. it´s not easy to find players to improve our current 11 though! "
10th Nov 2013 17:12
"I must say I was so pleased and relieved when I seen the team sheet and the names Agger & skrtel we're in the back four. got to say we looked strong in defence and up front well enough said really!"
10th Nov 2013 17:58
"Skrtel and Agger both earned a run in the first team with their performances. Johnson and Henderson in particular dictated the game, and its nice to be able to take off Gerrard with 30 min left and the game be comfortable. Keep it up fellas!"
10th Nov 2013 18:40
"Maybe two at centre-back is less complicated, therefore more effective. Agger, Skrtel and Toure are all vying for positions. For those on here who emphasise Sakho's qualities, I just don't see it yet. Maybe competition will bring the best out of all of them, but they don't all need to be in the same line-up."
10th Nov 2013 18:45
"When I think of our star players, certainly Agger is amonst them. It's early days for Kolo here, but his pedigree is unimpeachable. Skrtel, again, he's somewhere up there, but he had some unfortunate appearances at a weakened line-up last year. However, he was at our best players before that, so it's even more brilliant to see a return to form for Martin."
10th Nov 2013 18:50
"If anyone tell me that we are not going to win any teams above us this season, I take it. And we love to thrash those teams below us."
10th Nov 2013 18:57
"Spur should realise that Money can't buy quality. They should keep Bale and forgot about $100million. Credits to our scouts to leads them to the wrong targets since Dempsey. Soldado, Eriksen join the gang of PL Flops. Chelsea take the bait for William. Lesson for us: Keep Suarez at all Costs."
10th Nov 2013 19:35
"Skrtel/Agger partnership is the key to our top 4 finish."
notts red till dead
10th Nov 2013 20:05
"i think br has been spot on with his player selection. if a team does well you dont change the players unless tactical. its all about being fair to the squad. we played poorly last time out so br changed it. agger has been patient and now its his time to start games and maintain performance levels. hats off to br!! "
11th Nov 2013 7:33
"it was really well done job for all players.i was sure of the win when i saw agger and skrtel in CD...i believe kolo should be a second option when agger is injury..stiev really made it he was fantastic and handy also"
11th Nov 2013 9:25
"Well done Martin, I thought you might be on your way out the club, but you knuckled down and have been superb since you've been back, keep up the great work."
11th Nov 2013 17:27
"it's good to have a lot of good defenders, but we might have too many. And I don't know what will happen if Gerrard or Lucas get injured..."