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Top of the world
10th Nov 2013 8:58
10th Nov 2013 9:01
"Totally agree Captain Fantastic Definately in the top three, we need to do everything we can to convince him to stay and that means bankrolling a few genuine world class additions in January!!"
10th Nov 2013 9:16
"The biggest pleasure to see was you played like what we want to see you play. We also need Agger to lead the defence. Keep the same team with Jose in the starting11. This is the best team formation I believe. Next Everton match will be a real test, let's rise for the big games!"
10th Nov 2013 9:17
"Gerrard will have to vote for the Ballon d'or awards. Would be interesting what goes in the minds of FA if Suarez is one among his 3 votes.."
10th Nov 2013 9:24
"Definitely in top 3 based on current form. Aguero up there as well."
10th Nov 2013 9:48
"definitely up there,lets hope we get top4 and keep hold of him,he missed first games and now is top of scoring charts,wow wow wow,"
10th Nov 2013 9:49
"5 games"
10th Nov 2013 9:51
"FULHAM ARN,T THE GREATEST CHALLENGE IN THE PREM on saying that we where great and only another creative mid fielder off being a top 4 OR EVEN CHAMPIONS my only worry is watching the S.A.S IS GREED SOME TIMES U LOOK AT THEIR FACES (S.A.S) AND SEE THEM SAYING PASS.PASS"
10th Nov 2013 10:08
"It's not just now king luis is in top 3players in world he was there last season defo third but moving closer to second if he carries on what he's doing"
10th Nov 2013 10:24
"Keeping suarez is a must-but if he goes we want 65 million plus "
10th Nov 2013 10:44
"The only problem for Louis in getting the ballon d'or is that he is not in the cl, he can't really be a serious contender without producing top performances in Europe. Without doubt he is the equal to messi and is ahead of bale and ronaldo for me as his all round game is superior."
10th Nov 2013 10:53
"Devonianscouser, Smizay, dan62, RedRivelino, pav78, luis7??9, ItalianScouser89â"
10th Nov 2013 10:57
"Devonianscouser, Smizay, dan62, RedRivelino, pav78, luis7??9, ItalianScouser89. Derisive fore-sight"
10th Nov 2013 11:32
"Suarez is right up there with the very best in the World at the moment. However, the best player Stevie G has ever played with for club or country still remains: Mr Steven Gerrard! "
10th Nov 2013 11:38
"Luis work rate is no.1 in the world. His hunger/desire and chasing down is second to no-one. "
10th Nov 2013 12:26
"in as much as i rate CR7 high i also think Suarez7 got one more thing that CR7 doesn't Suarez is a phantom on the field,he knows how to hide himself before making an attack. i really admire Suarez at his best without controversies. YNWA.."
10th Nov 2013 13:19
"When he's happy and behaving I'd put firmly within the top two even above my favourite player of recent times JH:).........We've got to keep him happy and help him keep those dark thoughts at bay. "
10th Nov 2013 13:31
"Sign Konoplyanka"
Gerrard o ya beauty
10th Nov 2013 13:32
"He's deadly! Liverpool are on fire at anfield this season, the only game I can think of where we didn't play the opposition off the park is Southampton which was probably the worst proformance of the season. We destroy teams at anfield this season. Look forward to the next game now. Come on u reds!!! YNWA"
Liverpool da best
10th Nov 2013 14:23
"He is simply fantastic. Daniel agger was great with his come back into the squad too. Thumbs up to skrtel"
Liverpool da best
10th Nov 2013 14:25
"We love him"
10th Nov 2013 15:19
10th Nov 2013 15:37
"suarez is one of the best and sturridge not far behind. we have got to back them up with good midfield in jan or we might lose them next summer, suarez should be playing champions league football, br needs to consider first teamers such as dembele, diame rodrigues"
10th Nov 2013 15:47
"top 3 with messi and Ronaldo! cheers Newcastle today for beating spurs hahaha get in !"
10th Nov 2013 15:50
"In January our league position will dictate what players are interested in coming to Liverpool so we must keep up the pressure and keep improving. Steve is right about Luis he is certainly world class and he for now OURS. I don't think he will leave in jan FSG stood firm in the summer same again please to keep him. YNWA"
10th Nov 2013 15:58
"Team performance was great. Luis and Sturidge were both very good on and off the ball but the keeper made some very good saves. Could have been more. Good luck to Luis and Uruguay. They go to world cup and Luis will be happy."
10th Nov 2013 16:06
"Wot a wk end for Liverpool spurs & city loss in ynwa "
10th Nov 2013 16:12
"Credit where credit is due, Hendo played very well yesterday. This lad is really a conundrum. One minute he looks semi decent and then the next - woeful. He has to produce these types of performances against the top teams. We will see how he fares against Everton. But yesterday the lad was great..."
10th Nov 2013 16:18
"Today has been a brilliant day for us so far. Both Spurs and City have lost by 1 - 0 . Hopefully Arsenal and Utd have a draw and it will have been a great weekend. This season has to be our best chance of doinf something serious in the league...."
10th Nov 2013 16:21
"Suarez proved that he is the best player in the league and in Sturridge we have the best front two and with Coutinho we have the best front 3 and with SG we have the best front 4 and hell with this, we simply have the best team in the league. "
10th Nov 2013 16:41
"I think B.Rodgers needs to watch the way Man U and Mourinho plays Arsenal. They keep it tight and always win. Against Arsenal we give them too much liberty on the ball so he always play three skillful players in mid-field without a D.H. That way we'll always beat them."
10th Nov 2013 16:42
"I think B.Rodgers needs to watch the way Man U and Mourinho plays Arsenal. They keep it tight and always win. Against Arsenal we give them too much liberty on the ball so he always play three skillful players in mid-field without a D.H. That way we'll always beat them."
10th Nov 2013 17:17
"This must be one of the few occasions when LFC are hoping for a MU win!! So far so good, 1 up at half time. Chelsea and Everton held to draws Spurs and Man City beaten. The only teams that have beaten us this season are 1 position above us and 1 below. Puts things into perspective."
10th Nov 2013 17:28
"We have a nucleas of a good team we just need some creativity n bite in midfield of real class to push us further forward "
10th Nov 2013 17:35
"Gbzany there is still 30 mins to play in the manure/arsenal game. Don't count. chickens ....."
10th Nov 2013 17:40
"Agree we missed a trick v arsenal shud have packed our midfield n harassed them bit like the s r doing instead we tried to match them with the passing game we need to be be more clever with our tactics ESP away from home and v the big teams "
10th Nov 2013 17:42
"If be happy with a draw 1-1"
10th Nov 2013 18:00
"back to your best yesterday Stevie I had a bit of a go at you last week for the first time in my life but you were brilliant yesterday passing was excellent and your surges through the middle were what we all remember you for maybe the system yesterday suits you better. "
10th Nov 2013 18:34
"So we are back to just 2 points at the top of the lge- there a different feel to the PL this season- its up for grabs lads anyone can win it- YNWA"
10th Nov 2013 18:49
"I think if we had the team out at the emirates that played yesterday the arsnil wouldn't be top now."
10th Nov 2013 18:54
"Afraid i do not agree even just on his footballing performances let alone his antics last summer. I could name others, Falcoa, Aguerro, Costa who are every bit as good and there are others. No matter its just a matter of opinion anyway, Get behind your team as we played great and for once all the other results went our way."
10th Nov 2013 19:41
"A modest assessment of Henderson by Steve G. he is an average player."
10th Nov 2013 20:03
"I'de put him in the top two along ronaldo ahead of messi!"
Liverpool New York
10th Nov 2013 21:08
"The results today/Sun showes us how big the win was yesterday. We shouldn't under estimated any win in the EPL"
10th Nov 2013 21:18
"Suarez looks even sharper and more accomplished than last season. He's also showing evidence of maturing and being more focussed. His game really can go to ever greater heights. He will be a star attraction at the World Cup next year."
10th Nov 2013 22:19
"It will only be his 'baggage' which will prevent Luis winning that award ... and was that the same Arsenal team today who played us off the park last week?"
11th Nov 2013 0:23
"I think on current form, Best in the world! Luis plays football like its personal!!! Ronaldo competes with Messi and vice versa, Suarez doesn't care, he just wants to win, even if it means biting someone, or handling the ball on the line!!"
11th Nov 2013 3:27
"Luis is FUNTASTIC,,,, yo Sturridge my man,,,COME ON,,,UP UP STURRIDGE,,,,I MISS YOUR DANCE YNWA,,,,,"
11th Nov 2013 7:16
"TOP TOP TOP player Stevie gerrard from a man who knows cheers from Alex ferguson"
11th Nov 2013 7:20
"am very happy to the way our tean is progressing. gud job mr rodger. pls try to get another DMF with AMF and CF."
11th Nov 2013 7:39
"For those of you who think beating Fulham is not a big deal then go and ask Man city what it means to play a relegation team and ask Chelsea how it feel to Play WesBrom, the same team we beat and of course Spurs how it feel. LFC is making progress if you can not enjoy the 3pts then go and support Manure"