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Wonder if he ever writes on these message boards- certainly enough comedians on here- bench Gerrard!?? joke of the century.....
10th Nov 2013 9:40
10th Nov 2013 10:35
"kingmat merely an imature idiot."
10th Nov 2013 10:46
"Mike thanks for making me laugh and pushing the comedy boundaries out more. You should watch 'Scully' and do a modern movie version! YNWA"
10th Nov 2013 11:24
"Leeshaw81- obviously your comprehension is as poor as your spelling.... or are you one of those who thinks he is past it? For me, he is no. 1 on the team sheet whether he played below par last game or not.... If that makes me an idiot, then so be it.... rather the bliss of ignorance than the company of arrogant know it alls."
10th Nov 2013 12:49
"Yeah baby!"
10th Nov 2013 13:10
"Kingmat 09:40 - I will give you a clue "Yeah baby":)"
10th Nov 2013 13:50
"It's turning out to be a great year... Red Sox did the unthinkable and Liverpool are staying in the right position... Happy Days"
10th Nov 2013 14:15
"I like Mike Myers and lol pic 4. ynwa"
10th Nov 2013 18:27
"Kingmat and leeshaw81..."oh behave"! ;-)"
10th Nov 2013 21:15
"leeshaw. Ithkn you took up kingmats comment wrong. he wasn't saying bench Gerrard. He was questioning peoples recent opinion that Gerrard should be benched. Did look like he wanted him benched on first look. Gerrard was class yesterday and totally why he is our captain, Arsenal game was just a blip! 3 more points in the bag...."
10th Nov 2013 22:39
"Wow, a 38-year gap from his last visit to Anfield. There's been a few changes since then, the best one being there's always grass on the pitch!"
11th Nov 2013 12:18
"Never ceases to amaze me how many famous people have roots in the Scouse Republic of Liverpool..Mike Myers..Kim Cattrall to name but two. I agree it also never ceases to amaze me how many people say stevie is a spent force..beauts!"
11th Nov 2013 20:29
"On the Stevie tries acting piece there were a couple of blerts (one a season ticket holder) saying Stevie shouldn't start - guess they watch the game with their eyes closed 'cos Stevie's passing and crosses in recent games has been sublime. If season ticket holders sung at games instead of moaning, arriving late and leaving early Anfield would be better for everyone, the team included."