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It's been a brilliant performance today. Good way to go into the international break. If we continue like this, we'll make that top 4. Walk on....YNWA
9th Nov 2013 16:04
9th Nov 2013 16:27
"4-0 now. Time to sub players and have young players to gain experience on the pitch."
9th Nov 2013 16:52
"Mike Myers lol.. glad to see you there.. Daniel Craig + Clive Owen and now Mr Myers.. awesome. YNWA"
9th Nov 2013 16:54
9th Nov 2013 16:55
"Nice to see BR, change to 4-4-2, with our VC back in the start XI.Agger=Clean sheet.YNWA"
9th Nov 2013 17:03
"Very good result from a very solid performance...4-4-2 equals to victory and clean sheet... "
9th Nov 2013 17:03
"Agger starts and we get a clean sheet for the first time in eight league games. I know it's 'only' Fulham but still..."
9th Nov 2013 17:04
"Well done LFC. Johno & Hendo combined well.Gerard had good game compared to last week. MOTM Suarez none stop action man. Could have had more than two goals to his name. 4 across back with Agger back looked solid."
9th Nov 2013 17:08
"Top Performance by all- and well done br by switching formation- teams can't be sure what to expect anymore which puts us at such an advantage... Gerrard was awsome- prefer him on the pitch unlike some who think he is past it and should be benched!"
9th Nov 2013 17:10
"Great win! This was the best starting 11 of Liverpool, and the subsution was great as well. Please dont change the starting 11 for the next game."
9th Nov 2013 17:17
" "Is mignolet in goal today? glad skrtel on d score sheet, after all d critics, " "
9th Nov 2013 17:20
"Lol pic 24"
9th Nov 2013 17:25
"Welldone Mighty Reds."
9th Nov 2013 17:38
"Very impressed with Lucas and Johnson today!"
9th Nov 2013 17:54
"Great job today. Just need to keep this positive momentum going - last term we struggled with mentality and is now 200% better. A few creases to iron out, i.e. keeping possession against top teams and beefing up midfield in Jan is an absolute MUST! Still, top work so far ;)"
9th Nov 2013 17:57
"oh and those getting carried away, midfield still needs strengthening :) ... tough test in december"
9th Nov 2013 17:59
"I just wish Manchester clubs, chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs were like the fulhams and the Hulls in Rodgers era! just wishing!"
9th Nov 2013 18:05
""couthino is the difference. Defenders don't know who to take on. January signings will be crucial for us. Depth is important because we don't have another playmaker to replace Couthino when he is absent. He is the link between midfield and attack"
9th Nov 2013 18:16
"gotta love COUTINHO the magician"
9th Nov 2013 18:36
"Henderson and Gerrard bossed that game. Sublime! "
9th Nov 2013 18:55
"On today's performance, how did we lose to Arsenal."
9th Nov 2013 19:55
"Great game! Feels so go seeing Liverpool playing like this; Henderson was excellent, what a pass for Suarez´s first goal. And about Luis Suarez, don't have more words to describe him, what a player."
9th Nov 2013 19:58
"It was a great comeback and result after last week's disappointment. Very well played lads! These are smashing photos too, full of happy faces (except Carra - probably wanted to get on there)! I'm also sure Mr. Myers helps raise the profile of the club, so good on him too (I will never see silhouettes in the same way again)."
JAL 58
9th Nov 2013 20:41
"Except for Lucas , one average game does not warrant his inclusion after many bad games ."
9th Nov 2013 21:17
"Was at the game today and so pleased we hit back after the arsenal disappointment. Hendo was particularly impressive. He deserves his England call up that's for sure. One negative. We should have pressed more in the second half to improve the goal average but apart from that job done!"
9th Nov 2013 22:17
"Thanks guys. What a wonderful display. You may be millionaires and earn more in a month than I did in 45 years of slog but I can forgive you that for the entertainment Just get us into Europe. BR - you are the man. "
Vosta Lee
9th Nov 2013 22:58
"Sneaky Carra. Very sneaky."
10th Nov 2013 1:35
"Great win and 2nd place atm. YNWA"
10th Nov 2013 5:05
"I think this 3-5-2 formation destroys the smaller teams easily thus we should continue with it against them. The traditional nd common formation should be used against d bigger teams that have more experienced players. I hope BR doesn't use it in d derby in a forthright. Our weak link again was Sissoko. I can't wait for him to return to France. YNWA!!!"
10th Nov 2013 5:49
"Nice win red men and nice touch seeing carra and his kid there ynwa "
10th Nov 2013 7:40
"I think BR trying to get the players being comfortable with either 5 in the back or 4 just to mix things up so opponent have to guess which formation we gonna use. Clever mind games by BR."