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Got to be done-suarez will need assurance we are serious CL contenders to stay!
9th Nov 2013 10:39
9th Nov 2013 11:47
"Last January was probably the best transfer window I have seen. If you are smart enough, you could probably do even better by bringing in Honda under AC Milans noses and Abel Hernandez. Both players would cost less than Sturridges fee alone. "
9th Nov 2013 19:24
"Players with hunger and passion for Brendans masterplan."
9th Nov 2013 22:13
"Howmor. If you listen to what saurez has been saying in his last few interviews you would know he is thinking far bigger things than Just a top 4 finish. He's been saying he thinks we have enough quality in our squad to win the league now without us going into the transfer market "
9th Nov 2013 22:18
"Continued. I feel that its a bit too early to be predicting things like that . But you could argue that if hrs thinking like that then he must be happy with how things are going and im more confident about him staying than I was at the start of the season. "
10th Nov 2013 4:51
"lfc need to get susaeta and herrmann before the become internationals and their prices go up."
10th Nov 2013 4:54
"lfc need to get susaeta and herrmann before the become internationals and their prices go up."
10th Nov 2013 6:39
"Yehven Konoplyanka and Ivan Rakitic would be the best possible business we could accomplish. Here's me hoping. YNWA"
10th Nov 2013 7:01
"Suarez needs worldclass partner like Hulk, Jackson Martinez, Lewandowski, El Shaarawy . For attackingmidfielder we need Pastore, Ever Banega, Ivan Rakitic, Jorginho, Toni Kroos or Cabaye."
10th Nov 2013 12:05
"I don't think we need much over the next 2 transfer windows we only need a 1 winger cause suso will return at seasons end, and an attacking mid to back up coutinho and a holding midfielder"
10th Nov 2013 13:38
"The_Aussie_Red - We don't really play wingers do we mate. 5212 or 4312 means we play Coutinho behind the 2 strikers and our fullbacks are pushed forward to provide width. Looking at yesterdays game, Gerrard and Hendo were fantastic and I'm sure once Allen is fully fit, he will hit the ground running. Hernandez would be the icing on the cake for me. "
11th Nov 2013 11:10
"Mata? I dont think we can find a better player than this. Hes upset and he will have a point to prove. Lets try an audacious bid of 20mln for Mata!"
11th Nov 2013 12:05
"I agree with "smartkop".... even if we have a greater list, to check out, & succeed, with 2 or 3 Good positional players, than have a small list, & gain nothing... Go for it LfC.. & BR. YNWA."
11th Nov 2013 19:06
"I would love to see Ricky Lambert with Liverpool Red. I don't think we would ever look into him because to me he looks like a United scrub. But get rid of Lucas to Napoli buy him and Rodriguez with about 25 mil for striking and holding midfielder power!! Ahh that makes me think that we might just take it all. "
11th Nov 2013 19:06
"My Squad would look like (5-3-2) RB Johnson (Sub: Kelly), RCB Agger or Toure (Sub: Kelly) CB Skrtel (Sub: Toure) LCB Sakho(Sub:Illori), LB Enrique (Sub: Cissoko) RCM Coutinho(Sub: Rodriguez (Southampton)) CM Lucas (Either sell or keep) or Gerrard(Sub: Allen) LCM Henderson (Sub: Alberto or Recall Suso!) LS Suarez (Sub: Lambert) RS Sturridge (Sub: Aspas)"
11th Nov 2013 19:07
"I would like to see Suso back, I think that he would fit in a wide look or even a CAM position opposite Coutinho. I do think Lucas is a great red but I think his time has passed and time to look for someone who can attack and keep Gerrard in his position."
12th Nov 2013 1:17
"Suarezisayoungking7...get rid of Lucas...your nuts :D we need another player to play that role not get rid of our only decent defensive mid. and his time has passed?? he is 27 i think. Just wrong."