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In my opinion. Everton and Liverpool should combine forces and be called Merseyside FC... What do you think?
8th Nov 2013 16:07
Big O88
8th Nov 2013 16:32
"Your a dik "
Big O88
8th Nov 2013 16:33
"Alicat .... Go boil ya head in a pan of water u clown"
8th Nov 2013 16:34
"Alicat17 Shut up no one should be thinking that stupid idea I would rather see them go out of business do "
Big O88
8th Nov 2013 16:34
"Jog on u .... "
Big O88
8th Nov 2013 16:39
"What's up alicat u got fed up with utd being a midtable team u decided to come on to a top 4s website instead????"
8th Nov 2013 16:44
"Think you should go support someone else if you are happy to lose LFC"
8th Nov 2013 16:51
"Alicat why would we destroy something we have built for a long time? Suggest this instead Man City and Utd shld combine forces and be called Manchester FC or Chelsea,Totenham & Arsenal combine and be called London FC "
8th Nov 2013 18:04
"Alicat17- I am a assuming your a 17 years old girl, with little knowledge of the history of Liverpool Football Club. But comments like you made will get you a lot of stick be careful."
8th Nov 2013 18:34
"Some Germans in our squad would give us more steel to galvanize us. Another Didi would be the ticket. I dream of us getting Keissling."
8th Nov 2013 19:45
"Alicat 17 are you a complete idiot? LFC are LFC and always will be!!! "
8th Nov 2013 19:52
"lfc should go on and buy players like Elsharawy,remy,mata,gundogan and sign moses permanently."
8th Nov 2013 20:00
"Please do not feed the troll"
8th Nov 2013 21:16
"Alicat17, Go boil your head mate."
8th Nov 2013 22:23
"Come on guys, were all a family here when it comes to liverpool. Im not defending 'Alicat17' but surely his enled to his own opinion. "
8th Nov 2013 22:47
"Alicat17 I think what are you smoking? over there."
9th Nov 2013 0:09
"Alicat17 you are a stop talking bull and go and make your comments elsewhere."
9th Nov 2013 0:10
"Missed the word you are a "
9th Nov 2013 1:05
"Max Meyer? No thanks. We already have Coutinho, Alberto and Suso."
9th Nov 2013 1:35
"nazim_7860..yeah everyone can have an opinion but that is nobodies opinion, obviously its just some very lonely person who wanted people to reply to his post. Really 2 historic premier league clubs who are among the top clubs in england should unite. Hes had his attention now, good for him. ha!"
9th Nov 2013 8:25
"Liverton or Everpool? "
9th Nov 2013 10:19
"Alicat's a blue nose who's trying to get everyone riled... accepting that Everton would be much better as part of LFC. A sad individual with nothing better to do than seek attention on website blog boards. Pathetic."
14th Nov 2013 12:46
"Sorry guys... I didn't mean to offend any of you... Big 088 I'm sorry, I wasn't aware of how hard you are!"
14th Nov 2013 12:48
"MATC9482, blinkin' plonka... I wanted to share my opinion."