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The man is just AWESOME one of the worlds greats for sure and if we can get him a few more world class players to play alongside him get him champions league football then he will stay come on FSG put your money wear your mouth is and show us and surez your mean business by bankrolling a few marquee signings of real class to ensure surez stays YNWA
10th Nov 2013 8:56
10th Nov 2013 9:07
"Great win last night for the firsttime in many years ,i feel we are in a great position for champions league and maybe a crack ay premier league le all the best from austalia."
10th Nov 2013 9:15
"Making suarez signing contract extension will be a big achievement"
10th Nov 2013 10:09
"yeah give LS and DS both contract extensions please ... along with adding 1 more quality midfielder we'll cement our position for Champions League in 2014/2015 and maybe even get a shot at BPL trophy if we keep up this form .."
10th Nov 2013 10:10
"I just hope he does stay if or when we get champions league football he top class"
10th Nov 2013 10:29
"His life is a football! A man with a congenital ability, who cann0t even control his goals scoring run where ever he goes. Gives notin less than 100 per cent, and has always been the best player in EPL for me. (Uruguay deserves to be in the World cup)."
10th Nov 2013 10:41
"Cont..) I am always more concerned about the impact and result of a person s work and whether they have the RED spirits, and bad luck to those composed PLASTIC WOOD who thinks they have simply seen how great his ABILITY is and how weak seems the totality of all opposition. Be well and be aware Luis Suarez (PARFECTION) End Transmissionâ"
10th Nov 2013 10:49
"Luis was 18 by the time Stevie became a household-name in 2005.... I know he respects Gerrard a lot, but I think he's trying suck up to the fans a bit by saying this. But this means that at least he's committed!"
10th Nov 2013 10:56
"Pedosa1- I agree, and his total commitment to the cause is unparalleled... Easy taget for the press and I believe very little of what is written but take more notice of his actions on the pitch- don't see too many other strikers defending the 6 yard box when 4-0 up!!!"
10th Nov 2013 11:23
"brandykaiser1106 suarez was so poor as a child he probably couldn't afford a playstation until he was 18, which is still "a kid" imo"
10th Nov 2013 11:31
"brandykaiser1106 he has said the same thing when he first arrived that Liverpool is his playstation team. Also, he was spending too much time on computer games in his childhood days not caring abt life. Then he realised he had to work hard to come to europe and marry sofia.."
10th Nov 2013 11:35
"brandykaiser, Steve's career didn`t started in 2005. his first contract with LFC was back in late 90`s. in those years, here in Uruguay, we used to watch on TV German or English football on saturday mornings. Suarez knows very weel all about Steve. by the way, not having money doesn`t mean you cannot use a playstation. that`s what you have friends for !!! at least here in Uruguay "
10th Nov 2013 12:05
"There is also a team called liverpool fc that play in uruguay- another reason there is a core following for lfc over there and why Gerrard would have been well known, even when he started out...."
10th Nov 2013 12:24
"Kingmat, we must not allow those unscrupulous crass media drive him out of LFC, we deserve him. So, lets file this with all of the other things that naturally belong to us to achieve our aim of top 4, and delete those disorientated networks to I donnt know folder."
10th Nov 2013 12:29
"Lets all get behind King Luis, BR and the entire team. YNWA"
10th Nov 2013 13:00
"While you're away with Uruguay, ask Edinson Cavani if the big money move he wanted has worked out for him while he's sat on the bench at PSG. Don't ever listen to that guys advice, he's hardly made the best decisions for his career so far."
10th Nov 2013 14:02
"Xabi! yes!!!"
10th Nov 2013 14:29
"Liv-4-ever, please inform yourself first. Cavani is actualy top scorer together with Falcao. played first team since arriving and only get subded in 1 (as far as i can remember) champions league`s game. "
10th Nov 2013 16:18
"I always wondered where gerrard was before he burst onto the scene in 2005,lol"
10th Nov 2013 18:12
"Looking at today's results, it looks as though they have favoured us again. Lessons from the Man U match? Sagna is a bit of a beast. I think Sagna v Cissokho was always a bit of a mismatch when we played Arse, but maybe Johnson could have a look at him to see what he does. I'm not saying Johnson is any less of a player, but Sagna crosses very effectively from deeper. All the time."
10th Nov 2013 18:41
""So we are back to just 2 points at the top of the lge- there a different feel to the PL this season- its up for grabs lads anyone can win it- YNWA""
10th Nov 2013 18:53
"I'm getting worried about utd creeping up then table, they're now up to 5th only 3 points behind us and only 5 from arsenal..... More important than ever now that we beat everton next week....."
10th Nov 2013 19:06
"dear FEDETONUY I bad!"
10th Nov 2013 19:41
" Cloghan - what you worried about ? Better off than last season with more points and more style. League can be won by any team this year and that includes us"
11th Nov 2013 3:30
"Well done ,,thank you for such an effort ,, ynwa"
11th Nov 2013 4:50
"With Suarez and Sturridge we will make top 4 this season.. Add the work rate of Henderson, Magic of Coutinho, Stability of Lucas and the class of Gerrard we look good.. and with Moses Alberto Allen Sterling and Aspas when he fit again pushing for places there is good competition in the squad.. YNWA"
11th Nov 2013 7:50
"Ozyredno1, that about sums it all....otherwise, what's the point of being a Liverpool fan? C'mon everyone, let's collectively WILL the Reds to win the EPL this season! And you posters who are negative, go find yourselves a life, (if you can) My/our BR-led team is doing great, YNWA. If we get into CL, I believe LS, er...King LS, will stay."
11th Nov 2013 9:19
"...and we hope you'll stay and play alongside Stevie G for some time to come. Your value to LFC is just as important as Gerrard' well as everyone who pulls on our shirt! YNWA!"
jONNO 46
11th Nov 2013 17:23
"Make sure you keep your mouth shut while your away this time and repay the faith this club has shown you, yes you are an outstanding player but I still havent quite forgiven you from your summer outburst. KOP 75."