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Com'on stop waistin time on average players he's not good even for benfica.
7th Nov 2013 10:52
7th Nov 2013 11:38
7th Nov 2013 11:41
"jekelson. You are right. The guy already 25 years old.. cough of money for world class talent, and replace our ever ageing Steven Gerrard with a player worthy of making him sit out every now and then. YNWA"
7th Nov 2013 12:15
"Another Aspas?"
7th Nov 2013 13:20
"this guy is awful"
7th Nov 2013 14:17
"Capel is just Mark Gonzalez or Ryan Babel type quality. I think even the ex-player of Sunderland James McClean comes better. Sessegnon owns this Capel all day."
7th Nov 2013 15:52
"If he is that good why 6 million? "
7th Nov 2013 17:34
"Cam on if we are going to mount a serious challenge we need top class players not average ones. Ibe, Moses and Sterling are better than this guy."
8th Nov 2013 2:20
"SingKop..i doubt that, surely he is better than McClean...and i am Irish! :D Try get McGeady on the cheap, and don't let him join Everton. He would be a very good option to have for the left wing, and has the ability to cut in and beat a defender. "
8th Nov 2013 2:53
"Agree, his is just an average player."
8th Nov 2013 8:32
"Buy atleast 2 quality players in Jan who can make a difference, not just 'Sale' items."
8th Nov 2013 11:45
"People calling him average yet our bench looks shocking seeing the likes of Allen, Alberto and Aspas there. Ibe and Sterling are still young and inexperienced and it would be best if both go out on loan in January. Any 2 from Honda, Hernandez and Capel would be welcome. "
8th Nov 2013 13:38
"instead of buyin this capel guy, we could use the moneyto buy abel hernandez and use him as LWF."
8th Nov 2013 13:39
" instead of buyin this capel guy, we could use the moneyto buy abel hernandez and play him as a LWf."
8th Nov 2013 16:48
"Coutinho10?11 very very smart proposition, I do like the thought of getting Ibe and Sterling getting some global experience. But I don't think that Capel will fill the void when they are gone. I'd rather Pool go for Mata like they were in the Summer to help our little Coutinho"
8th Nov 2013 18:00
"Suarezisayoungking7 - JM has said that Mata is not for sale. He is also contracted till 2016. Liverpool would not even be able to afford him. We spent most of our money on Sakho and Ilori so therefore we have to buy smart like last January. Players that are good and under 8M. "
10th Nov 2013 6:41
"konoplyanka is a winger we should be going for"
11th Nov 2013 5:57
"We need diego capel more than any other club..."