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This for me would b a very progressive signing , a gr8 creative player. To me on a par with Carzola. A fantatic player in a bad team currently.
whacko jacko
6th Nov 2013 15:31
Big O88
6th Nov 2013 17:13
"No way should we ever sign anyone from Newcastle again EVER! "
6th Nov 2013 18:13
"yes cabaye would be a great signing!! and for that price a bargain in the market these days"
6th Nov 2013 19:54
"Great player! would fit the bill nicely!"
6th Nov 2013 21:33
"yes please!!!! he would be the perfect addition, a top quality centre midfielder who can shoot and hit the target!!!!!!! good engine and great vision!!! "
6th Nov 2013 21:59
"This is who Br should of signed instead of aspas borini assaidi etc a player who can make a difference not a bench warmer."
6th Nov 2013 23:50
"We can get someone better than him in midfield like Pastore, Belhanda, Koke.... We need attacking threats."
7th Nov 2013 1:10
"We can get Toni Kroos from bayern muenchen or Javier Pastore from PSG. In front we need someone like Hulk from Zenit "
7th Nov 2013 3:36
"Nd in whos opinion are those players better than Cabaye, he is a brilliant central midfielder, and i would love to see him at liverpool. Pastore is decent to and more attacking so him too please. OH and Cabaye can give Ben Arfa a lift over the road if his injury proneness knocks his price tag down. :D "
7th Nov 2013 10:00
"this is a great player indeed"
8th Nov 2013 1:41
"'whacko jacko' who this?"
8th Nov 2013 1:43
"We definitely need a CENTRAL MIDFIELDER comes this January. Also, Iturbe would be good but we can only sign him at the end of the season"