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Well done Suso. Keep it up and you will become more valuable to LFC plans in rebuilding.
6th Nov 2013 10:38
6th Nov 2013 10:57
"Fantastic read. Hope to see suso next season in lfc 1st team. Very talented kid."
6th Nov 2013 11:03
"bring him back"
6th Nov 2013 11:18
"why did we waste money on aspas when we all know suso will become a far better player? he just has that balance on the ball that you see so rarely."
6th Nov 2013 11:30
"Suso with Coutinho in midfield with a few of the younger talents that are ready to move up to a higher level,, the future is looking good for LFC. YNWA"
6th Nov 2013 11:47
"reds should buy iturbe, maxim, hughes and bring back suso."
6th Nov 2013 12:23
"Gotta love Suso. Real Coutinho-esque prospect, and he loves LFC. Can't wait to have him back. "
6th Nov 2013 12:31
"Imagine Coutinho playing to the left of SAS and Suso to the right. If we had an explosive midfielder driving through the middle we would definitely get top 4!"
6th Nov 2013 12:50
"Well done Suso. You are a beast, you'll be worth more than bale! "
6th Nov 2013 13:07
"Would love to see Suso, Allen, Alberto and Coutinho in same mid-field. We would never give the ball away so we wouldn't even need a defensive mid."
6th Nov 2013 13:23
"He is some player, the report sounds fantastic, I've only caught a couple of games but he looked really lively "
6th Nov 2013 13:23
"Suso is a top quality young player it's good to see he is doing well and gaining experience hopefully he will be ready to play for us next season although we could benefit from his creativity right now!"
6th Nov 2013 13:41
"Goooooo Suso! He's been amazing for Almeria so far. I do hope he comes back to LFC and wins a place on the pitch. He sure has the skill and is demonstrating the temperament. What a player."
6th Nov 2013 14:33
"suso next xavi not joe allen as previously quoted"
6th Nov 2013 15:53
"will be great player for us suso ynwa"
6th Nov 2013 15:56
"Good to hear that he's become an integral part of Almeria's side. Suso did the right thing by sticking with us, Rodgers just needs to recognize how hard he's working elsewhere and give him a shot next year when we're back in European football and have more games. cont"
6th Nov 2013 15:59
"I personally feel that Moses will go end up back at Chelsea and Suso, Borini, Wisdom and Robinson will all come back better players, ready to build on that success. I'd be very disappointed if Suso and Borini in particular didn't get opportunities next season."
Big O88
6th Nov 2013 17:30
"Mig in goal skertal kolo agger Enrique left Johnson right Gerard coutinho suso and SAS now that's a team "
6th Nov 2013 17:32
"He is our future Alonso, need to bring him this Jan, I can bet he would do much better job than brainless JHenderson."
6th Nov 2013 18:16
"next season 4-2-2-2 with suso and coutinho in the CAM roles would be great for our strike force! lets hope he keeps it up"
6th Nov 2013 18:46
"He reminds me of messi,his close control and movement are exceptional and can't wait til he comes back a stronger player"
6th Nov 2013 18:47
"He'll come back and be a lot better for the loan spell which is wot it's all about :-) keep up the good work suso"
6th Nov 2013 19:51
"Great young player! well done,keep it up! look forward to seeing u back at anfield! "
6th Nov 2013 20:12
"If Suso can't make it here then we should just disband the academy system altogether. Anyone who's been following Suso at Almeria will know the extent of his transformation. Suso right now is comopletely different beast from Suso at the end of last season. It's absolutely incredible how much he's progressed in such a short time."
6th Nov 2013 20:18
"Imagine if Suso help Almeria to stay up, he'll be long remembered in Almeria's folklore."
6th Nov 2013 21:40
"Great job by Rodgers, he knew Suso needed games to flourish and he is, next year he will come back and be a big asset for us! I just love this player!!"
6th Nov 2013 21:56
"I don't understand why we loaned him out especially when we lack creativity when coutinho is out ?? plus not to mention he can play wing we don't have many of those at the moment"
Big O88
6th Nov 2013 21:59
"Is he on season long loan or can we recall him??? Think that might be a bit of magic transfer business that him and continuo behind SAS wow "
6th Nov 2013 22:12
"its a master stroke to have loaned him out, he will back a better player, this is great news :) Aspas just arrived and he is currently injured, jeez the mcdonalds generation have the patience like 2 year olds. some people take a season or 2 . he was always bought for backup for suarez and sturridge anyway"
Vosta Lee
6th Nov 2013 22:23
"Suso is like a Silva/Mata hybrid. It matters to LFC that he does not get relegated. We want him to overcome the struggles and come out successful."
6th Nov 2013 22:35
"Wait a minute here arnt we trying to sign exactly this sort of player in Jan well if suso is playing so well why is buck wasting money "
7th Nov 2013 3:46
"kopkillah...absolutely! i think these are the kind of players BR wants in our team together. Comfortable on the ball, pressing and annoying the opposition, and great movement to create space and see the 'simple' pass. Others; we will not be wasting money on similar players we need lots of options, and susos loan has to keep goin, could be the making of him!"
7th Nov 2013 9:11
"I don't think we should have loaned him in the first place. Perfect replacement for Coutinho. We suffered without Coutinho for 6 weeks."
7th Nov 2013 10:41
"Great news, well in lad. YNWA"
7th Nov 2013 12:18
"Well done Suso , a superstar in the making , hope we can hold on to him !! also another genius coming through to add to PC and Suso .. Teixeira is a fantastic talent. What prospects we are blessed with. Keep it up BR. Life long Reds are with you all the way YNWA"
7th Nov 2013 18:43
"super excited and happy for this kid. Keep going Suso. One of the 1st names on the team sheet next term"
8th Nov 2013 9:08
"I cant even begin to explain how happy this article makes me; one of my favorite young players who i really really hope we dont let go... well done Suso; come back a hero!!"