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Hope to see you and dagger starting against the blue noses best defensive partnership in the league combined with the 2 most lethal strikers. Things looking great for the club at the minute.
15th Nov 2013 8:41
15th Nov 2013 8:58
"Love this guy, but got a feeling he might be Napoli bound- hope only on loan til end of season with Dries Mertens coming on loan the other way..... Need CL to keep all our stars."
15th Nov 2013 9:59
"See it"
15th Nov 2013 10:24
"has to be agger and skrtel pairing sakho not nearly as comfortable on ball as agger sometimes he looks like troare at times."
15th Nov 2013 10:24
"Skrtel has been the best defender this season he deserves to be first picked. Sahko has been excellent though he won't sit out long that's why he left psg. it's good to have strong competition for a change. Might have to adapt to 3 centre backs because their all so good."
15th Nov 2013 10:42
"Kingmat-Yeah, that's likely. Did you dream that?"
15th Nov 2013 11:44
"i wasnt happy when i heard agger and skrtel might leave, last window. they are deffo our best pair! they've proved their commitment to the cause, for sure. keep it up lads :)"
15th Nov 2013 11:49
"4 man defence is better."
15th Nov 2013 11:50
"dagger and skrturtle are in their prime at 28, so it's only common sense that they should be regular starters. toure is still very fit but past his prime, sakho needs more time, ilori even more time, kelly gotta decide where he wants to play and focus on it, coates will have to pray hard(he is talented no doubt."
15th Nov 2013 13:12
"Skrtel is going nowhere. Just wait till we are in the CL next year and you will see the best players flocking to play for us. Skrtel and Dagger are the best partnership. We have always had a par of great defenders throughout the years. Why would we want to split them.YNWA"
15th Nov 2013 14:12
"I have seen some crucial tackles made by Skrtel. He was determined, accurate and brave. Himself and Agger are fantastic and loyal players for our club, they are fighting for their places, not like some others are complaining if they are not in the team and trying to leave. Hope this partership will go on for several good years. "
15th Nov 2013 15:56
"Been immense since returning. You and Agger ourt back centre 2 for me- although rate Sakho highly. Wonder if Sakho could be a D/M? Cos we need a decent one."
Dede 7
15th Nov 2013 16:59
"great work. YNWA."
16th Nov 2013 2:36
"Well done Skrtel the turtle! Was really hoping you'd win back your place in the team and I'm over the moon that you did, you MONSTER of a player you! Great job and keep it up!!!!!"
18th Nov 2013 13:57
"Rushjob9, I agree with you about Skrtel, Agger and Sakho being great, but your dig at Lucas is uncalled for. How much would I win if I bet that you would scold someone that took a pop at, say, Henderson, with your reasoning being "support all LFC players"? Don't be a hypocrite."