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lets hope he sticks to it, cos he is not helping our midfield do the real work.
6th Nov 2013 9:52
6th Nov 2013 10:47
"I cannot believe the short sightedness of some of the so called fans. Go somewhere else if you don`t appreciate what Stevie has done and will continue to do for the Reds. He is a shining example of the type of player we need in our ranks. Get behind your team. You armchair critic."
6th Nov 2013 11:08
"SG pls accept the fact that u have passed it...U are not what our MF need currently, BR team needs modern style of MF play not long balls and pass ok...Pls give the chance to JA and LA to play more and u can start from the branch pls "
6th Nov 2013 11:21
"StevelandG...we all appreciate what SG has done for LFC like many other players of old but we are moving on mate and SG style of play is simply not contributing any more just bcoz his style of play is out dated and no longer helpful. open ur eyes and watch how the game is being played now"
6th Nov 2013 11:24
"johnlfcbiggestfan totally agree mate, well said."
6th Nov 2013 11:26
"stevie could be great of the bench, JA, JH and Coutinho would offer a great balance with the steel of the 5 defenders. Brendan dont have guts to drop stevie though. I'd much rather have agger back."
6th Nov 2013 11:31
"be_real_lfc johnlfcbiggestfan. probably never been to a game in their lives, obviously know nothing about the game. gerrard is still one of the top players in the premier league go and 'support' someone else"
6th Nov 2013 13:11
"Im a season ticket holder mate"
6th Nov 2013 15:47
"That's the way "be_real_lfc" just the type of so called fan we need, you have a very short memory........"
6th Nov 2013 15:50
"Well said StevelandG short on memory and short on brains these so called supporters seem to be.And if they are season ticket holders even more so, they should know better."
Clark Kent
6th Nov 2013 15:55
"how come the comments section on the get involved with the #thekop page have been disabled? "
Dede 7
6th Nov 2013 17:15
"its high time he hang up his boots. we need better players in midfield. its a fact. "
6th Nov 2013 19:34
"be_real_lfc and johnlfcbiggestfool you both have no idea about football and the important job sg does for are team, do you not understand hes role that he plays and if you took gerrard out you would take 10 goals of suarez this season straight away. wake up guys!!! GERRARD YNWA"
13th Nov 2013 9:19
"RU serious be-real-lfc? Season ticket holder? Did you watch the Fulham game? SG was immense. Legend so give it a rest eh? John have you ever seen Alberto play? JA got a lot to do yet - idiots. "