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guys anyone seen Illori attack?the kids a genius pace, skill, power on his left, link Illori with Coutinho in the middle and it will be a powerful duo and SAS to that attack..YNWA Europe here we come
5th Nov 2013 12:24
5th Nov 2013 12:42
"Coutinho is much more effective in the middle than out wide,he can orchestrate play and playing centrally has a greater field of vision to find that killer pass."
5th Nov 2013 12:58
"fiqi brother,fyi..... ilori is a central defender"
5th Nov 2013 13:05
"I like to appeal to BR to get some rest for our captain on the next few games? His absence will free up a midfielder space. We truly need someone like Coutinho or Alberto to replace his tired legs! "
5th Nov 2013 13:09
"There will be no point in putting coutinho on the left side. He belongs behind SAS, even if it means taking out hendo, or stevie. He needs to play his position, gain more confidence and start doing what he did Newcastle last season. As for Illori, would be good to see him in lucas position, the guy got a brazil callup and got a baby, give him a break."
5th Nov 2013 13:23
"there is only 1 team that can win us games Mignolet, Toure Agger Skertel Johnson Lucas, Gerrard Enrique Coutinho Sturridge SUAREZ subs Jones Sahko Alberto Moses Ispas IBE ,,,, Henderson to be sold , Sterling back to reserves for a year or two and give players like Thiago and such a rotation in the first team "
5th Nov 2013 13:27
"I think our captain fantastic needs some rest as BR finds someone who could effectively take over his role, I suggest BR tests Alberto,Illori,Hendo,or Allen in his position & we see how it pans out in the coming few games..."
5th Nov 2013 13:39
"i think stieve should play behind SAS like the past years in benitez...honestly i dont choose toure over agger..if u watch clearly the goal of ramsey.its toure plunder who give more time to set the ball#ramsey......"
5th Nov 2013 14:23
"For the future Coutinho.Best is just coming from this guy.Must say a Talented since Stevie-G.Even better than Alonso."
5th Nov 2013 15:37
"Please start this weekend ,lets take some of our frastration out on a hopeless fulham team"
5th Nov 2013 16:22
"that will be nice to see Coutinho play behind Suarez and Sturridge....his the natural 10 missing since the return of Suarez..."
Dede 7
5th Nov 2013 17:11
"Interesting to watch. YNWA."
Big O88
5th Nov 2013 17:39
"When everyone is fit team has to be .... Mignolet Johnson toure agger Enrique Gerrard Henderson coutinho Moses and the deadly SAS. BE ALL END ALL "
5th Nov 2013 18:46
"I also think Gerrard need a break think he's just not mobile enough for the likes of arsenal "
Dede 7
5th Nov 2013 18:48
"Fiqi(YNWA) 5th Nov 2013 12:24. I agree with you. Tiago Ilori is one talented player i love to see play. He could have replaced Johnson Against Arsenal considering he is gifted ,has experience and is very confident. Its painful we are not playing well this season yet we have alot of talent on the bench and reserves. how can the management fail to see such things ???"
5th Nov 2013 19:14
"I'm sure the management see wot is going on and they see the players every day in training an have more a better idea who's got wot to offer and would any one take where we r with the points we have at beginning of season "
5th Nov 2013 19:23
"Personally think we should be playing a 4-2-2-2 like City did much of last season. CB pairing is debatable, as are the two holding midfielders. Need to have a front 4 of Coutinho, Moses, Sturridge and Suarez to provide a greater attacking threat than we currently use in matches."
whacko jacko
5th Nov 2013 19:53
"i agree stevie g looks tired and letargic lately in latter stages of games n it makes me wonder why as he has stated hes the fittest hes ever been. Drop lucas n put allen in n drop hendo n put johnson there. Coutinho in central posistion will help create n score goals."
5th Nov 2013 19:53
"Think that's the idea of 352 or so u still have the body's in midfield and with couthinio is like 3 4 1 2 but no offence to any player think u need Johnson and Enrique to be the wide men and no one else as others not quiet good enough and u need mobility inside "
5th Nov 2013 19:57
"play 4-2-2-2: mignolet Johnson skrtel toure Enrique lucas(DM) agger(DM) gerrard (AM) coutinho(AM) suarez sturridge"
5th Nov 2013 21:51
"Agree. A fascinated to know why Illori was not selected against a quick team like Arsenal. You need guys with confidence bringing the ball out. i.e. Agger, Johnson and Illori. Thought Sakho and Skrtel were good as enforcers but Toure, Sissoko and F;lanno were poor"
6th Nov 2013 2:24
"Great having Coutinho back. I also want to see Illori in action. Saw him a couple of times for Sporting and was very impressed. Speed, skill, awareness, heart. I'm shocked he hasn't even played one minute for the first team. I believe Brendan has missed a tricked. Right now he's only playing for the U-21s. I'm shocked he hasn't played even a couple of minute at the end of a game this season."
6th Nov 2013 3:02
"We always concede by pressing teams high up the pitch. We know by bitter experience how hard it is to break down two banks of four. There's an argument for simply getting back and defending when without the ball, and as quickly as possible. You know it makes sense."
6th Nov 2013 4:19
"Why is everyone saying to rest Gerrard? He's picked up an injury so he wont be playing anyway"
6th Nov 2013 8:06
"sreepalat brother WE KNOW THAT HES A CD, DID YOU KNOW HE STARTED HIS CAREER AS AN ATTACKING GOAL SCORER??????I just feel we should give him a chance upfront he hasnt lost that predator instinct and hell be able to give coutinho cover in the middle "
6th Nov 2013 8:17
"he can and he will ynwa rafa"
6th Nov 2013 11:43
"we need more goals from the entire midfield, we probably have the least shots on goal from our midfielders. "
6th Nov 2013 15:24
"cant understand the people who think we are improving yes we have more points than last year but I would say look at the opposition this year compared to who we played at same time last year Arsenal were the test last year we played them of the park and should of won at the Emirates "
6th Nov 2013 15:29
"cont.this year we couldn't get anywhere near them we have a midfield who cant score goals or defend all that well most of Sturridges and Suarez goals have been created by one or the other we need to wake up and rectify the positions we are short in hopefully Coutinio being back will help and ditch the three centre back formation."
6th Nov 2013 16:57
"Don't share them, take them all for yourself Coutinho. : )"
6th Nov 2013 17:03
"Before the injury there was not much magic, in fact the opposition have figured him out and he has no new tricks. If Coutinho was true world class , I think a team like the one he left would have held on to him but I think they knew he was inconsistant and made money on him while they could. I regard him as a flash in the pan but I hope to be proved wrong."
6th Nov 2013 21:35
"People watch U21 games and think they are Premier League games. Just because our youngsters are doing great in the u21 games doesn't mean they are ready to step up in the first team. The staff see them train EVERY day they know A LOT better who's ready and who isn't!"
6th Nov 2013 21:39
"Also, we are third place in the Prem, we have 2 of the top 3 goal scorers in the League and we did all this while not having all three of Suarez Sturridge and Coutinho at the same time on the field. Now we will have all 3 available! Stop moaning and enjoy what is a great season for us so far!!"