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Getting tired looking at Sturridge ranting at teammates! Def not a team-player, more like looking for personal glory type. He's trying too hard to impress, in turn this will cost us points! BR should control him now before getting out of hand!
5th Nov 2013 13:20
5th Nov 2013 13:38
"The one I voted for, it was just pure excellence. "
5th Nov 2013 13:54
"sounds like Zxcv don't like sturridge ???????? "
5th Nov 2013 14:14
"Zxcv - Are you for real? Could have sworn I saw him set up 2 for Luis at Sunderland and the pair have combined superbly all season. His goal pergame ratio is brilliant since he joined in January. Go give your head a soak mate!!"
5th Nov 2013 15:30
"Zxcv-i dont blame sturr for being angry with luis.SAS= sting and selfish-unfortuantly "
5th Nov 2013 15:31
5th Nov 2013 15:35
"Dear me, 21 goals in 27 appearances and still people want to criticise! He's been outstanding, Zxcv, what nonsense you talk. Find something more useful to do with your time, you clown. "
Big O88
5th Nov 2013 17:26
"Zxcv .... In the famous words of the owner of the mighty reds WHAT THE HELL HAVE U BEEN SMOKING??!!! But IMO LS header pipped him that was defo the best header I've ever ever ever seen 37 mph boooom get in!! :)"
5th Nov 2013 19:06
"Zxcv looks like you hate Daniel or ?????.Great goal, that's what good strikers do both him and Luis are the same, hope now that Philippe is back lets see the machine roll."
5th Nov 2013 19:26
"I'm sorry to disagree, but Suarez's header was amazing!! Such power from that distance, never saw that before..."
5th Nov 2013 19:52
"you lot fell for that one didn't you?, you have made Zxcv very famous, i bet he's rubbing his hands now. although he does talk out of his/her arse"
5th Nov 2013 22:13
"our no 15 has a lot to learn from suarez not rant at him.he should remember he was going nowhere fast 12 months ago.IMO Suarez header should be GOTM."
5th Nov 2013 22:53
"I just wish we could repeat the game against WBrom a few more times this season. We were awesome. Then against the gooners we were poor."
6th Nov 2013 0:15
"Zxcv what the hell are you talking about lol you just sound pretty clueless about how a good striker operates."
6th Nov 2013 7:42
"1st post done by some hater that couldn't even be bothered to come up with a name! look out for its friends ;qwerty, asdf, bnm, uiop & ghjk LOL"
6th Nov 2013 8:21
"actually it was wiltshire or kazami"
6th Nov 2013 9:48
"sell out club"
6th Nov 2013 12:33
"I'm sorry but luis' second goal was way better, the header from 18yrds? That was goal of the day week month and year! Scored at 1-0 as well, was a more important goal in context of game, as well as being harder to do and placed better that studge's. Well that what u get for only allowing 14yr olds on twitter to vote!!! Travesty!"