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exactly where would he fit in, given our plethora of defensive options available? will he clearly improve what we currently have?
2nd Nov 2013 20:21
2nd Nov 2013 22:23
"dan41 - he's 18..."
2nd Nov 2013 22:24
"dan41 fit in? clearly you dont much about the idea of building for the future. He is cabable of playing holding midfielder as well, Lucas is crap right now too so perfect competition for that spot."
2nd Nov 2013 23:20
"To be fair he's Actually a defensive mid"
2nd Nov 2013 23:27
"Which is why this whole thing is wrong because mid is he's actual position "
2nd Nov 2013 23:40
"he's a DM player and meant to be really good!"
Vosta Lee
3rd Nov 2013 1:58
"I hope he is DM. Skrtel, Sakho, Agger, Kolo, Coates, Ilori are all CDs. Kelly, Wisdom are all also potentially CDs. There are only 3 spots available, maximum in a game."
3rd Nov 2013 2:12
"so that gives us permission to waste 1.5 million, when we have ilori, wisdom, kelly, etc - are they not all for the future as well? or have 3 years blinded you all? "
3rd Nov 2013 2:21
"gneil clearly you don't know too given you first say he's for the future (ignoring we already have ilori, coates, wisdom, kelly), then say he's better than lucas and is for now (made my day in terms of comedy). "
3rd Nov 2013 5:36
"for me we still have good defensive and strike january we need buy gud creative midfielders..and we need to know that age is better be quick on getting quality players"
3rd Nov 2013 9:29
"Think Agger/Skrtel as well as coates will go in the summer..Ilori and amartey vl be nurtured for long term besides toure/sakho.. "
3rd Nov 2013 14:20
"Maybe we can find a mobile defensive midfielder with an ounce of ability to head the ball and better than average speed? Wouldn't that be a welcome sight!"
3rd Nov 2013 17:22
"Guys this lad is more of a powerhouse midfielder than a defender. Essien style, he would make some of our current midfielders looks ancient and lazy....."
3rd Nov 2013 20:43
"Should be a good team in about 12 years, hope I'm alive to see it!"
3rd Nov 2013 23:34
"instead of looking for options in Lucas and Enriques position we force more trouble in the Crowded Center Back position."
4th Nov 2013 0:05
"great......we could use him as a replacement for lucas.he is a great player and he can do the job. watched his videos on youtube and to me he was great."
4th Nov 2013 1:16
"Dan41, in case you have forgotten, the business model is to buy young talent that can be developed and sold with an increased resale value. That is one of the ways we will grow the coffers to reinvest. It's basis business stuff Muppet."
4th Nov 2013 5:43
"A lot of Muppets seam to be commenting on this site. 1. He is more of a DM whihc are rare to say the least. 2. 1.5M is nothing for a youngster these days. 3. It's not going to effect BR's senior team transfers in Jan or the summer as he is for the future. 4. Unless you want to be a spineless team i.e. Chelsea/Manc who buy your way to the top this is the way to go."
5th Nov 2013 13:33
"Next Essien ? That wouldn't be too bad. "