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Captain fantastic...Manager fantastic..
2nd Nov 2013 7:58
2nd Nov 2013 8:03
"Honestly Stevie, you could do whatever you wanted to do are that good. I still recognise your quality and your immense contribution and sacrifice for the team. YNWA "
2nd Nov 2013 8:09
"Sorry mitu10 I dont agree, its possible but very unlikely, the best managers are not usually great players. Very different skill and mind set required.I would rather he concentrated on improving his game frankly, although everyone is enled to their opinion."
2nd Nov 2013 8:17
"It's a nice idea but I suspect he is too introverted and self critical for the role - most of today's top managers have enormous egos and not a hint of self doubt and I don't think that is Stevie. I hope I'm proved wrong."
2nd Nov 2013 8:22
"skingrad- there is little wrong with his game. he is playn the role br wants of him and he is adapting quite well. manager? kd was gr8 at both so ynot stevie?"
2nd Nov 2013 8:35
"I reckon super Sami Hypia will be our next manager and take us to the next level...."
2nd Nov 2013 8:50
"Unlike his playing abilities, I don't think Stevie would ever make a top, top manager...!"
2nd Nov 2013 9:05
"Shanks saw the benefit and created the boot room method of managerial progression. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if our Brendan did the same and brought Stevie in when he hangs his boots and to one day secede him."
2nd Nov 2013 9:09
"How anyone could say Stevie wouldn't make a good manager is beyond me, He's been managed by some of thje best managers the game has to offer that could only benefit his already high tactical understanding of the game. But of course if he managed us and lost a game all the plastic fans that this site attracts would be calling for the sack."
2nd Nov 2013 9:34
"He should become a coach dont think great players become great managers, especially if you're english!!"
2nd Nov 2013 9:36
"one true red 92- hear hear on all points."
2nd Nov 2013 9:57
"Well for now we have Rodgers, if he carries on the way hes going he could be here for a long time."
2nd Nov 2013 10:27
"That would be great there's not many English managers managing top teams in prem, "
2nd Nov 2013 10:59
"I gotta feeling that BR plans on being here a few years yet, something tells me that he wants to go down in history as one of Liverpool's greatest managers.... SG & JC as his assistants???? "
2nd Nov 2013 12:08
"Whatever future career you decide on will be successful. It is a question of effort, perseverance and talent. As you have all in abundance the world is at your doorstep. But ... hopefully not for a few years yet. We still need you and England still needs you,"
2nd Nov 2013 12:30
"I always had it in my head that gerrard should become player manager like KK did and after the Hodgeson error it looked possible too, but now i really wanna see what BR does as its looking brilliant at moment, Would love to see Gerrard back at some point, maybe bring his own boot room with Alonso Carra and promote Fowler Macca and my old fave Jones. Would be awesome"
The Finn One
2nd Nov 2013 12:57
"Maybe after sami's era..."
Buckie LFC Supporter
2nd Nov 2013 13:10
"Hopefully he'll never be our manager. He's been our Bryan Robson on the pitch & he would probably be as bad as him as manager. Souness shows great managers very rarely make even good managers, nevermind top managers. BR is young enough to be here for 25years. contd"
Buckie LFC Supporter
2nd Nov 2013 13:23
"He could prove me wrong, but start at the bottom, go to Acc Stanley get them promoted, learn your trade fro 5 years & then we'll see how you are doing. KK is unique his whole mental personality is different from SG."
2nd Nov 2013 13:42
"We have in Brendan a manager in the mould of the great Liverpool managers. I have not felt like this about a manager since Shankly. "
2nd Nov 2013 13:51
"If he came under the wing of Brendan as assistant manager for a few years it could be the beginning of a new Boot Room dynasty. However forget the punditry, as was shown in the pre-match interview with Hodgson for the England qualifiers, I'm afraid you'd send the viewers to sleep!! "
2nd Nov 2013 14:34
"Stevie - your'e clearly playing down your acting ability. Everybody knows that his performance in 15 minutes that shook the world was worthy of an oscar. To this day I still don't know how him and Carra didnt get snapped up by Hollywood:) "
Vosta Lee
2nd Nov 2013 14:46
"He would make a great manager. Great managers feel the urge to become managers even as players. They don't settle for management or give it a try to see how it goes. He has also worked with some great managers with different philosophies that would help him refine his own. For now though let's focus on next game."
2nd Nov 2013 16:11
"Stevie would make an excellent manager for Liverpool, he has all the right qualities.Right now we have a great manager and long may it continue.I hope Stevie can coach the team and work closely with Brendan after he retires from playing, maybe with a view to taking over one day."
2nd Nov 2013 16:31
"I would love to see stevie g be manager one day torite what a great man through and through a super red YNWA"
2nd Nov 2013 16:38
"Rodgers will bring back the glory days, with gerrard as assistant"
2nd Nov 2013 16:50
"Go manage in league 2 and work your way up, the best way to do it in my opinion. Becoming an Assistant then turning Manager will never work at a club our size. Use your head lad and start small."
2nd Nov 2013 16:52
"RushJob9 - typical of you to try and put your own anti-BR spin on it. BR will take us to the next level if you like it or not."
2nd Nov 2013 18:08
"When he does retire he should be assistant coach to Brendan immediately, we need to rebuild the bootroom again, continuity etc."
2nd Nov 2013 20:04
"I would love to see Stevie manage our great club one day,with Brendan as his mentor YNWA"