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This isn't "news" - any website/news editor worthy of the name would acknowledge. It's an advertisement feature or "infomercial", promoting a product for an external corporation and should be headed up as such. Including a reference to Stevie G appearing in an advert is not good enough. Standards of journalism are falling all the time.
2nd Nov 2013 12:54
2nd Nov 2013 13:50
"This reminds me I need to get the new playstation, no offence Stevie G, I bet you get paid well."
2nd Nov 2013 15:33
"hey man chill out this is great incidental exposure for our great club thru the fact we have the greatest footballing icon in the modern game. :-)"
2nd Nov 2013 15:43
"Exposure is one thing - presenting an advert for a multi-bational corporation as a news story is another. It's manipulative."