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I hv dis odd feeln Suarez might nt b at his best against Arsenal,probably cos he hd intentions of playn for dem.Jst a tot folks,rilly pray am wrong.Ynwa
Big Az
30th Oct 2013 13:50
30th Oct 2013 14:32
"I know he has let the club down on a few occasions by his antics towards fellow professionals but his work rate and atude is second to none so I would say he will be giving 100% against the pitiful Arsenal who made an insulting offer for him in the summer. "
30th Oct 2013 15:05
"Luis will be giving his 100% against Arsenal as he does in EVERY game. I don't care about anything he has done, I love to see him playing for us. Intentions of playing for them?? I'm sure he never thought of moving to another Premier League club, just press crap."
30th Oct 2013 16:00
"On the contrary, he will show them why they should have offered more than Real Madrid for Bale instead of playing poker with the silly "bid"..... Go Luis! YNWA"
30th Oct 2013 17:28
"He's worth at least 100 million plus now, This guy modelled himself on Maradona and Tevez and it's not hard to see the obvious similarities, both incredibly skillful and creative but with a steely determination to win, win and keep winning, that's King Luis on his way to become World No.1 and he's ours!! "
30th Oct 2013 17:47
"Luis looks very happy & it certainly shows in the way he is playing . But I am sure he has his heart set on a move to Real Madrid. I doubt anything will happen January but Summer I reckon he will move ."
30th Oct 2013 18:06
"Loz99, please don't compare Luis with Tevez...Luis is much, much better... "
30th Oct 2013 19:40
"After getting your post returned to me by the cryptologist Big Az, I think you are totally off the mark. Whatever has been said by and about Luis, he is a professional and loves to play football. No way would he not put in 100%."
30th Oct 2013 20:43
"you stupid clown big ass suarez is a 110% player and one of the best in world we are lucky he is playing for us"
30th Oct 2013 23:35
"This lad is the third best player in the world only messi and Ronaldo better but he is getting better and hopefully he stays and with a few more good signings he can become best player in world and win a league le with us and lots more"
31st Oct 2013 0:06
"Please don't take my luis away."
Aussie Red
31st Oct 2013 1:42
"Never believed he wanted to play for Arsenal,he was using their bid to force LFC to sell him to RM.Glad he stayed will be sad when he leaves.LFC ownership turmoil over the last few years and not investing properly so the club remained at the top level of European football is why he's thinking of leaving.I honestly thought he would have made a great captain for Livrpool FC once Stevie G retired."
31st Oct 2013 4:34
"Suarez would punish Arsenal. Mark my words. And commentators would go crazy citing a lot of 'what ifs' and 'only ifs'. "
31st Oct 2013 8:41
"It will be a great game and our No.7 will perform. "
31st Oct 2013 10:49
"Speak English and sense Big Az!!"