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suarez first goal against wb shown his specialty, but his second goal describe his as world class..
30th Oct 2013 8:47
30th Oct 2013 9:48
"all about a curling header from 18 yards out....CURLING HEADER!!!!"
30th Oct 2013 10:18
"Suarez 2nd Goal.."
30th Oct 2013 10:40
30th Oct 2013 11:22
"It has to be between our 1st, 2nd and 4th v WBA. It's V hard to choose, but for me it's DS's lob. Watch it again. Keeper is INSIDE his six-yard box when it's hit, and still it is placed so perfectly that he doesn't stand a chance. LS header out of this world, and his meg for 1st was so skillful - it has to be one of these: all three would be deserved winners."
30th Oct 2013 11:51
"easily wilshere or kasami"
30th Oct 2013 13:40
" be_real_lfc - its lfc goal of the month you numpty"
30th Oct 2013 14:58
"gotta be the sturridge goal without a doubt! Suarez's header a close second"
30th Oct 2013 14:59
"be_real_lfc is a jobless troll so comes on here trying to find an argument, clearly has no friends and is a lonely person"
30th Oct 2013 21:08
"Daniel vs WBA will win, but I think that Luis header is the best. How many players can score such a goal?? I've never saw something like that in my life..."
30th Oct 2013 22:18
"LS, I'm truly sorry. I have to pick DS for goal of the month. I hope you understand"
31st Oct 2013 4:01
"Daniel's goals was very good ....but Suarez 2nd was awesome ..considering it was miss hit pass by Cissokho , the distance from goal, Suarez's height and his instant reaction to head it .."