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No way can we let alonso slip away from our hands get him Rodgers a must signing!!
29th Oct 2013 16:11
whacko jacko
29th Oct 2013 16:43
"would love to have Xabi back but i don,t think will happen. Legend, YNWA"
29th Oct 2013 21:10
"If we want top four we gotta get him and another big signing and who knows "
29th Oct 2013 22:45
"i can not see Alonso going to Chelsea, he has been on LFCTV many times since he left and loves this club. has also said he would maybe come back someday. BR has shown with the signing of kolo that he will sign players even if they are nearing the end of their career if he sees they are right for the team. Xabi would be"
29th Oct 2013 23:15
"wellcome home to play with stevie g"
30th Oct 2013 0:15
"Alonso has made it clear he wants CL football so if BR does want him we must get a top 4 finish. Anything else and he wont come back, as for signing for Chelsea I guess that will depend on how good a relationship he had with Mourinho at Real."
30th Oct 2013 0:54
"Alonso won't sign for Chelsea and if he does sign for them. BR and the board have a lot of explaining to do with us. Please don't bring ageism in to this saying he's too old b/c it's "
30th Oct 2013 0:55
"cont... "
30th Oct 2013 0:55
30th Oct 2013 19:07
"Adds finishing above Chelsea as another target then. Imagine him back now spraying the ball around behind SAS! YNWA Xabi"
31st Oct 2013 4:05
"Will Alonso go to the blues when his kids are scousers ??...will he break our hearts ??"