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We can win at Emirates. We must win at Emirates. Hope Arsene selects a good team against chelsea and also thinks about Dortmund away trip coming up when he selects team against Liverpool. It doesn't matter however since if we play to our strength, we can beat them..
29th Oct 2013 10:06
29th Oct 2013 10:22
"against ARSENAL, we need to up our game a bit, everyone must put in a shift otherwise we will be destroyed. no room for loss of concentrating..."
29th Oct 2013 11:12
"Just hope they swap herenderson for Coutinho. Can't see anything henderson brings to the team other than losing the ball or doing nothing with it."
29th Oct 2013 12:01
"I think we need to try and fit coutinho in againts arsernal , so tehy have something to worry about. 352 but henderson at rcb while toure at cb"
29th Oct 2013 12:14
"BR must try and find the weakest of this best performing squad and fit coutinho into it coz he can create a lot of opportunities for SaS. I guess it will be one of our defenders"
29th Oct 2013 13:05
"henderson brings heart desire work rate and no shortage of ability, depending on who and how we are playing, switching him and coutinho from time to time is brilliant for the team."
29th Oct 2013 13:11
"Your watching rugby, not football"
29th Oct 2013 13:33
"As long as you are swap with Coutinho, we will be the best team on any day. YNWA"
29th Oct 2013 13:39
"did Jordan say Philippe is training already? I miss that baby boy COUTINHO, if i was a girl, i would rival his girlfriend hehe, Im so much in love with his football talents."
29th Oct 2013 13:42
"I bet on it,, When Coutinho comes back in the Team to be able to play with Gerrard and then the SAS, SAUREZ will never want to leave, it's gonna be fun to watch. Since Januury this year, LFC is on the way UP, I mean ever since COUTINHO and STURRIDGE signed for LFC"
29th Oct 2013 14:17
"That's right Jordan, Suarez does seem to make it easier for the team, just make sure you don't get complacent and give the ball away via sloppy passing. Keep your game up, you're doing well, but can become better."
29th Oct 2013 14:54
"I wish Jordan would stop leaning back when he shoots from the edge of the box. We don't get 3 points for a conversion, not in this game. He needs to get his head and body over the ball, and experiment in training with hitting different parts of the ball."
29th Oct 2013 14:57
"Striking the ball at the base is bound to make it fly over. A toe punt to the middle of the ball would probably be more accurate than how he's been hitting it recently. A least the ball would stay low."
29th Oct 2013 15:19
"I think the key to us winning would be if enrique is fit. For me, even though he got an assist (more down to suarez though), cissokho isn't good enough defensively or going forward. Hopefully he will get better, but atm, it's not very comforting having to watch lucas and sakho having to help him out whenever defending is required of him. Obviously, coutinho will be another big bonus if he plays."
29th Oct 2013 15:29
"Jimmmy007 29th Oct 2013 13:33 - We do not need to swap Coutinho for Hendo, they're both playing well. Why don't we go with 4-3-3 formation? Lucas in front of defenders, Gerrard & Hendo in the middle, then Coutinho behind SAS. I think if Brendan replace Cissokho by Agger for the trip to Emirates our defend would be more solid."
29th Oct 2013 16:06
"KidofKop88 mind you Arsene Wenger is not keeping any tab on either the Chelsea or Dortmund game. If he has a chance to answer you I know he will tell you EPL. ALAYBIR - YNWA"
29th Oct 2013 17:33
"Chucky4LFC 11:12 It's Childsplay really (LOL) - Try removing your head from your ar5e and U might see."
29th Oct 2013 22:57
"Jimmmy007 - you are less like James Bond and more like a JB villain - Dr No.......Brain."
29th Oct 2013 23:34
"redahendo, even though you might dread it but once Coutinho is back then its bye bye Hendo. You can even hear it in Hendo comments he knows that coutinho will walk back into the team and it won't be SG or Lucas making way. Hendo will be a good sub to shore games up..."
29th Oct 2013 23:37
"We easily have the best strike duo in the country and maybe in world football. Sturridge is up there with Suarez and will soon be noted as a world class striker. With the little magician Coutinho to come back we will soon have the best front 3 in world football. "
30th Oct 2013 7:17
"Buddha3333 - We'll see..........You've never had a very good sense for these things - Shelvey, Sahin et al were all going to banish my namesake to the bench - And a fine job they did too:)"
30th Oct 2013 7:23
"TBH if PC can come back and JH removed and the team is stronger for it then fair do's - I'm an LFC fan 1st and foremost. I think he will be accommodated though. And then if he continues to grow he will be the mainstay of the team in a season or two. (cont)"
30th Oct 2013 7:23
"Like regulus says - he could do with standing over the ball a bit more before he strikes it but then Stevie hits most of them into the sky and he's got 10 years more experience. "
30th Oct 2013 8:12
"redahendo, as his most ardent fan, pray tell all of us how Hendo will be accommodated when Coutinho comes back. Its sad to see you staggering in the dark and avoiding the inevitable. This will be Hendo last season for us as we will surely buy better players next year. He has done well to be in the team lately but alas he is not top 4 material. "
30th Oct 2013 8:16
"When everyone is fit the team will be Migmolet, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Sakho, Enrique, Lucas, SG, Coutinho, Suarez, Sturridge. I defy anyone to say that is not our bets 11. I don't think Coutinho will start against Arsenal so Hendo will have a reprieve. Subs, Hendo, Allen, Moses, Toure, Alberto, Cissokho. Kelly, which is a very strong bench. "
30th Oct 2013 8:26
"redahendo, also for the record, both Jonjo and Sahin were not moved on because of Hendo, far from it. Sahin a much better player left because he found our league demanding. Jonjo left because he is ambitious and knew he could not displace SG. Hendo would not get into the Swansea team and that should be our yardstick in judging him. He will soon leave and you can then follow him. "
30th Oct 2013 11:10
"It is true Henderson is not the most talented player we have. But I think he will be an extremely important player for us... like Ramirez for chelsea"