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He was once touted the next P Viera. Like so many it is sad to see the potential not followed up by the finished product. He did give us many good performances, sad it didn't work out for him. Still maybe he has one more chance,,,
28th Oct 2013 15:44
28th Oct 2013 16:06
"Momo Sissoko can do a job for us in CM with those long legs - like Hamman used to do for us to release Gerrard and Alonso."
28th Oct 2013 16:58
28th Oct 2013 18:28
"So what of no interest to Liverpool."
28th Oct 2013 20:30
"He was brilliant for us up until he suffered that eye injury... He never came back the same player; at least in the EPL - I stopped following his performances after he left but to have played for Juventus & PSG is not bad!"
28th Oct 2013 21:49
"The way our team has been set up, there is no need for a CDM. Arsenal are top and they have 4 playmakers. We only have Coutinho. "
29th Oct 2013 3:02
"Coutinho10?11...who are arsenals 4 playmakers? if only Coutinho in our team is a playmaker then they really only have 2...Ozil and Cazorla. Steven Gerard is more of a playmaker than any of those players tho. Think you mean fancy dribblers, but Stevie has created more chances than anyone in the league so far."
29th Oct 2013 3:27
"mommo sissoko in my eise is much better then henderson and alen more experience and power in the middle"
29th Oct 2013 7:25
"Would be a good addition to backup the midfield. His wages might not fall in line with our budget. He still is a very capable player."
29th Oct 2013 21:19
"People that want him back get real of maybe u want Liverpool outside top six u lot be looking for Neil Mellor back to.WAKE UP."