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Stuck sweetly and fast thinking. Enjoyed your goal and hopes your killer instinct starts from now. Be back as an important member for our future! YNWA!
27th Oct 2013 19:00
27th Oct 2013 19:18
"what is happening to Borini surely we do not lend out players to other clubs for them to sit on the bench its supposed to give them playing time he isn't getting a chance in a team that has been woeful bring him back and loan him to someone who will play him."
27th Oct 2013 22:09
"Great strike Fabio, won the match for Sunderland and gained them an invaluable 3 pts. Can't wait for you to start doing that for us. YNWA."
27th Oct 2013 23:32
"Strikers such as Borini, Aspas and Alberto will only shine for small teams. They go missing whilst at Liverpool. Hopefully BR brings in Hernandez in January. "
28th Oct 2013 13:06
"make me laugh anyone who doubts, Borini, aspas or Alberto, clearly 3 talented players who will more than prove their worth to LFC in the future, and with Borini, sunderland have just restructured their club with a new manager so Borini will have to prove himself to get game a time, I really hope people read their comments back to realise how silly they are..."
28th Oct 2013 17:00
28th Oct 2013 18:48
"Let the force be with you my son. Get your experience, regain your confidence, develop your skills then come home."
30th Oct 2013 5:24
"Lonewars...totally agree! And Coutinho10?11...Alberto is not a striker. He is an attacking midfielder with brilliant control and technique. What exactly has he done wrong? has been good when he comes on as a sub, he has something special about him and will be a great talent for us for many years. "