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I knew we would win this one. I hope the momentum generated by this win along with a returning Coutinho means we can get 3 points against the Gooners and blow this le race wide open again. SAS is the best partnership since Fowler and Collymore had that great season. Beautiful! Keep it up boys. I reckon BR is doing a great job of slowly blooding in Alberto too. In Brendan we trust.
Assassins Creed YNWA
27th Oct 2013 13:01
27th Oct 2013 14:57
"SAS !!!!"
27th Oct 2013 15:31
"Wheres that pleb Mushroomscouser.....Got a problem with the manager or the owners now? we dont need people like you at the club....You live in the past. great game great result, lets win no 19"
27th Oct 2013 21:56
"Omniescience - post of the season!!! Personally, I'm grateful to John Henry for turning down Arsenal's offer of £40million for Suarez, when many other owners would have taken the money and run. Glad to see FSG are more concerned with the team's success than their own profit. YNWA."
28th Oct 2013 8:15
"Just wait for BRs signings if we are in top 4 come January. I am sure we will finally get some superb players. If we finish the season in top 4, watch for players like Pastore, Turan, Costa lining up to join LFC! Glory days are returning with BR !"
28th Oct 2013 8:17
"Beat Arsenal and this season will end in GLORY. "
28th Oct 2013 15:49
"No one player makes a team, but some players lift a team to heights they would not achieve without them. Henri for Arsenal, Ronaldo for whichever team he plays, Rooney for Manchester, our very own Stevie for many seasons and now Suarez. If we can keep him and add even more quality to the squad then LFC could again become the power they were in the eightees. "