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wish I had been there, just singing you never walk alone would make me proud.
27th Oct 2013 8:51
27th Oct 2013 8:53
"Our lucky charm!! BR's making Anfield a fortress again."
27th Oct 2013 8:55
"marry me caroline"
27th Oct 2013 9:29
"Here comes all the ''marry me'' comments :p"
27th Oct 2013 9:53
"4 stunning goals, 1 stunning supporter!"
27th Oct 2013 10:21
"Glad to have you along Caroline! Well done to BR and all the lads yesterday! "
27th Oct 2013 10:26
"She can come every game and sit next to me if she likes."
27th Oct 2013 10:28
"Our Lady luck!!"
27th Oct 2013 10:38
" Oh Carolina is a girl She dey pon top a di world An now she rock her body Anna move just like a squirrel I say young baby girl I said I love how yuh move Yuh just a rock to di riddim anna riddim anna move An now yuh know di girl! Oh Carolina ynwa!"
27th Oct 2013 10:49
"Regulus - Even the best of us can make mistakes - I wondered what Andriv was doing back here - makeover or not! Joking as aside it seems the most successful and attractive women in the world are LFC fans, I wonder if my lady Lana del Rey got chance to see the game yesterday?"
27th Oct 2013 10:49
"Oh, man!!I really wish been there sit beside this gorgeous gril."
27th Oct 2013 11:35
"Hey Sweet Caroline come to every game and be our lucky charm. And I like when she said her brother was a ManUnited fan and she wanted to be different. I`d even would love you if you would support Oldham or Barnsley ahead of your brothers favourite team."
27th Oct 2013 13:18
"i was there in my seat in the mighty kop 12 rows up from the pitch on the touch line near the main stand and to see luis score his first hat trick at anfield was amazing the whole team played well and looked realy good come on you mighty red men Y.N.W.A.---J.F.T.96 "
Vosta Lee
27th Oct 2013 14:04
"pitcairn16 is right. The lady is showing class. She just knew that no way was she going to be a Manu fan, even if it meant not being a fan of any team. "
27th Oct 2013 14:28
"Caroline Wozniacki YNWA "
27th Oct 2013 15:27
"Great! What a weekend. We'll done our lads and who pleased for Borini, too."
27th Oct 2013 15:28
"And SO pleased for Borini, too."
27th Oct 2013 16:43
"Redahendo, big hands and gruff voice aside, Andriy or Caroline, or whatever she's calling herself now, still qualifies as a very beautiful woman. She's very supple too."
27th Oct 2013 17:05
"I thought thinking about football in coitus was meant be a cure for a certain type of sexual dysfunction?"
27th Oct 2013 19:42
"Sing it anyway money ron i love match days me in my living room!! shirts on me and the wife youll never walk alone on pc scarfs a plenty singing my head off!! go for it feel the passion "
Afrika Kop
27th Oct 2013 21:03
"Intellgient girl.You made the right decision. "
27th Oct 2013 22:23
"Beautiful girl and clever too!"
27th Oct 2013 22:30
"YNWA Caro! =)"
28th Oct 2013 8:10
"Give me your number and I will help you describe it. "
28th Oct 2013 9:15
"i hope she made a RAQUET....."
28th Oct 2013 21:29
"Caroline lots of love YNWA "
28th Oct 2013 23:45
"How does she get a ticket when life long fans can't?"
29th Oct 2013 0:14
"Apparently she is a lifelong fan too."
29th Oct 2013 4:32
"probably why she split up with big nose Rory mac,not compatible with a man u head.chalk n cheese!"