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lets make the second half just as productive, there danger man has gone off too!!!
26th Oct 2013 15:54
26th Oct 2013 15:57
"I will be a happy chap if we can score again, don't want to see them scoring we have a habit of taking it easy in the second halve."
26th Oct 2013 15:59
"keep the tempo up DO not drop deep ,we need another goal to put it to bed come on lads "
26th Oct 2013 16:00
"who's the blonde in pic 4? "
26th Oct 2013 16:12
"isnt that soarers girl?"
26th Oct 2013 16:13
"huh? suarezs lol hard to type quick trying to get back on match!"
26th Oct 2013 16:36
"mbinman - I might be well mistaken, but I think this is Caroline Wozniacki (-: Tennis player & LFC supporter."
26th Oct 2013 16:48
"Suarez will get all the praise and rightly so but Lucas has been a beast today. DEFENSE NEEDS TO BE SORTED OUT.YNWA"
26th Oct 2013 16:54
"Caroline Wozniacki Tennis star Pic 4 supports Liverpool but her Boyfriend Golfer Rory McIlroy supports manu if I'm not mistaken but she likes Danny Agger apparently, watch out Rory!!!"
26th Oct 2013 16:56
"that was a damn good 3 points best they played this season ,roll on the good times "
26th Oct 2013 17:03
"the ever gorgeous wozniacki in attendance"
26th Oct 2013 17:28
"Fantastic win today considering that MBA has been a boogey team for us of late. Suarez was at his imperious best and Sturridge got his customary goal. The team played some flowing football and a good second half. I am chuffed by the win, well done lads. Now bring on the Arsenal."
26th Oct 2013 17:47
" "SAS..special Anti-robbery squad. #next victim" "
26th Oct 2013 17:47
"money cant buy SAS!!!"
26th Oct 2013 17:56
"Suarez header is one of the best I've ever seen!! "
26th Oct 2013 18:07
"That's what I'm talking about! A great DOMINATE team performance. We CONTROLLED the game. When we do that our quality shines through - namely Saurez and Sturidge! C'mon! Enjoy it tonight then turn our focus to Arsenal. ynwa"
26th Oct 2013 18:26
"The blond in picture four is tennis star Caroline Wozniaki. Go on girl."
26th Oct 2013 18:27
"Suarez - "Man of the match" LFC - "Men of the match""
26th Oct 2013 18:47
"What a goal from DS but I'll say it again..he need to be told to pass the ball and play as a room for selfishness in this team. Good goal then he starts passing the ball. Hope we keep up the work rate cos we'll need to be much better next match"
26th Oct 2013 19:14
"A great team performance: all 4-1 and won for all. The bird is Henderson's twin sister btw. Her grooming is immaculate too."
Vosta Lee
26th Oct 2013 19:35
"Is Caroline Wozniacki related to Jordan Henderson?"
26th Oct 2013 19:39
"Luis, we are a team on the up! Stay on here, we'll get reinforcements and next year take the CL by storm. No need to go to FRM."
26th Oct 2013 19:47
26th Oct 2013 19:48
"el pistolero strikes again."
26th Oct 2013 20:25
"Lucas & Luis celebrate da new Babies, homage to Bebeto and Romario!"
26th Oct 2013 20:30
"Our real test comes next week against the Arsenal, we have a score to settle, Wenger is riding high at the moment, thinks he's invincible since Fergie retired, well this is our chance to show him 'The Boys are back in town'. A chance to prove we can take the oportunities when they materialize. So c'mon guy's let's do it!"
26th Oct 2013 20:37
"I hope wozniacki comes to every home game.Lucky charm i dare say!!"
26th Oct 2013 21:27
"Regulus 19:14 - No it isnt, It's Andriv Voronin, he's been having hormone therapy and a million dollar makeover courtesy of L'oreal. "
26th Oct 2013 22:17
"Ha ha Redahendo! Blimey, I didn't think a million dollars would have been enough to transform Voronin's ugly mug, but on closer inspection, the giveaway's the hair. "
27th Oct 2013 1:24
"Pic 4 is Hendersons twin sister lol. Wouldn't be surprised if it was haha! Jordan had a good game today. Everytime he plays for LFC, he plays as if its going to be his last. YNWA JH14 <3"
27th Oct 2013 2:49
"Great performance no doubt, esp Suarez whatever he touch turned gold! Apart from Kelly and Sissokho lethargic display, and Sturridge trying to overdo and overimpress the crowd. I thought we were the best team and Skrtel and Sakho capped with a solid performance at the back! When the Chelsea man was not playing, we were top top class well done BR! "
27th Oct 2013 3:00
"to all the lucas haters out there I think he just shut your mouths! he is a boss! hope he plays the same next week and arsenal will have nothing. that's his midfield!!"
Dede 7
27th Oct 2013 5:38
27th Oct 2013 8:48
"Woznaicki has always been a lucky charm for LFC. I think VC Agger and her wud make a gr8 couple.;)"