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1stly id like to say Lucas well done. an absolute BOSS of a display in midfield. he WAS to defence. he's proved once AGAIN why he's so important. Ppl dont realise the job a DM does but someone who watches football regularly should. Also well done Pool.
26th Oct 2013 16:55
26th Oct 2013 16:55
"1stly id like to say Lucas well done. an absolute BOSS of a display in midfield. he WAS to defence. he's proved once AGAIN why he's so important. Ppl dont realise the job a DM does but someone who watches football regularly should. Also well done Pool."
26th Oct 2013 16:55
26th Oct 2013 16:55
"grt win... Well now I welcome mushroom n co."
26th Oct 2013 16:56
"I'm satisfied."
26th Oct 2013 16:56
"Well done Redmen, congrats Luis on the home hat trick... back into second... thank you LFC made my day. YNWA."
26th Oct 2013 16:57
"Simply sublime football both halfs, real top 4 contenders from that performance & dare I say it le contenders! Keeping & adding to the immensely talented players we have bodes well for us. People need to stop questioning tactics, player selections, management decisions & start following the team as fans should...let those who know what they're doing do it."
26th Oct 2013 16:58
"very good and we still got class player to come back for us, I would loved to been to there. brilliant."
Gerrard 08
26th Oct 2013 17:00
"Amazing!!! Let's keep it going, we can't afford bad results like last week! Made my day seeing the SAS score again! We can go to arsenal and get a result YNWA!! "
26th Oct 2013 17:01
"Great all round performance by the redman specially SAS and the villains are the Hendo and the linesman, great 3 points, bring on arsenal "
26th Oct 2013 17:01
"We were very poor in 2nd half...BR out"
26th Oct 2013 17:02
"Just kidding!"
26th Oct 2013 17:02
"well done redmen surely we wont have any fans slating players after that."
26th Oct 2013 17:02
"An outstanding display by Suarez. Great to see see Sturridge on the scoresheet too - he kept going as did the rest of the team for the full 90 minutes. Very well played lads! The defeats of last season truly avenged."
26th Oct 2013 17:04
"BTW wat a soft penalty. SMH. He bumps into Lucas and falls over?"
26th Oct 2013 17:04
"BTW wat a soft penalty. SMH. He bumps into Lucas and falls over?"
26th Oct 2013 17:06
"Lucas was brilliant all day, didn't put a foot wrong that wasn't a penalty, maybe cissoko's challenge but def not lucas' fault. Awesome finish from DS. There is a certain air around the pool this season im grinning from ear to ear!"
26th Oct 2013 17:06
"I most start by commending Lucas would only rate him behind Suarez, Sturridge, Gerrard and maybe on the same par with Skrtel. He was class! Felt the injury Kelly had did he no good all. Needs confidence to carry on. To all the player congrats and YNWA to Brendan, he deserves it."
26th Oct 2013 17:08
"I expected nothing short of Liverpool running Riot today and thats what i got after the useless record West Brom were slowly creating against my Livepool side..Well done RedMen....YNWA... "
26th Oct 2013 17:08
"Skrtel played well at the back. Lucas imperious in the middle allowing Gerard to play further forward and without doubt SUAREZ MOTM. well played LFC. Defense will have to be on their metal against the Arsenal next week. Should be a great game in prospect."
26th Oct 2013 17:09
"King Luis is now worth at least 100million, we need to persuade him to sign a new 5 year contract with at least 100million buyout. Who in the rest of the premier league comes close? He is a legend in the making, just can't get enough is right. What a thrilling footballer, what a Gem!!"
26th Oct 2013 17:10
"Lucas was great, defense and intercept opponent pass precisely and pass the ball forward immediately. Henderson was disappointing, should improve for the next game..."
26th Oct 2013 17:10
"a great boost before next week v arsenal a game which I will be at cheering on our boys,"
Red kardinal
26th Oct 2013 17:11
"Great display,well done red men"
26th Oct 2013 17:13
"Thats it! Suarez is a goner come january. Those money bag busterds will praise him away from us... Well done redmen.. Brilliant football. SAS on fire! Lucas, Skrtel, Toure, Gerrard, Sakho all good. Cissokho terrible. Kelly also not good. All four goals world class.. YNWA.."
Afrika Kop
26th Oct 2013 17:14
"This was an excellent display of football. Skertel was immense. Lucas was bossing the mid, cleaning up everything, Captain was in charge today. And that Suarez hatrick was remarkable. Then that chip from Daniel!!!Very happy with the entire team. "
26th Oct 2013 17:17
"Two words to describe Luis Suarez.... Simply brilliant! Well done redmen onwards & upwards!"
26th Oct 2013 17:18
"LucasTHEBEASTleiva 16:55 Totally agree! he was as your namesake suggests - a beast! "
26th Oct 2013 17:18
"All the plastic fans and non fans please stand up.enjoy reading your pre match comments"
26th Oct 2013 17:20
"Yes in the middle of praising why dont we find a player to slate? So player i.e Jordan Henderson didnt have that good a game (every player that those) and here comes the whiners to get on his case......not fans at all sounds like waggonists to me"
26th Oct 2013 17:20
"Class act the SAS could have had double the goals, shame we conceeded but never a pen just hope that the SAS stay fit as we have no other goal threat at all can't wait for cautionio to come in and supply the service to the SAS but very well plyd lads fantastic performance "
26th Oct 2013 17:22
"What other team could afford our King Luis? He is without doubt better by far than Bale, is undeniably world class and getting better all the time. Another amazing thing about him is his resilliance both physical and mental, this guy is made of very tough stuff, what does that wee wife of his feed him?"
26th Oct 2013 17:22
"Still not a fan of the 3-5-2 but maybe when Coutinho, Agger and Enrique are back in the team I'll feel more assured. Was a great win, we really played some good attacking football"
26th Oct 2013 17:23
"very good performance. I cant wait for next week against Arsenal. Skrtel looks rock this season....Suarez fantastic hattrick...middfield pressed well...I like 3-5-2.. "
26th Oct 2013 17:23
"we are quarter of the the way to having the points for top 4 at the very least. great job today, pity i couldnt see the game. or be at the great anfield. "
26th Oct 2013 17:25
"King Luis has just become the proud father of a wee baby boy, I thing LFC should sign him too!"
26th Oct 2013 17:25
"Great!! was wondering who would play behind the strikers before the match... gerard playing there has done a nice job and looked more combative....and good 2nd half, now can add this match too as great performance into the arguments :)"
26th Oct 2013 17:25
"I cannot take it when "fans" criticise individual performances in a 4-1 victory (e.g. "Henderson was a villain in that game"). Seriously, go support another team like Chelski. you guys. In other news, well played team! All goals were magnificent, Sturridge capped the performance with a sublime chip. Not to mention Suarez's 18 yard header! YNWA!"
26th Oct 2013 17:26
"There was good movement all round as just think cautionio to come in for Hendo n Enrique got cissoko immense!! Just need our middfield to chip with goals now and 4th could be ours "
26th Oct 2013 17:27
"CONGS the REDMEN, LUCAS and SAUREZ run the show, Sturrdige getting on the scoresheet made it amazing, Stevie G doing what the Captain does best. This kind of commitment and performace not only in the 1st half but also in the second will never see me complain. LFC TILL I DIE."
26th Oct 2013 17:27
"What Suarez can do when he puts his mind to it is unbelievable - He seemed so happy on the way up to the game - didn't look frustrated, angry or nasty at any point. I just hope the wind changes and he stays exactly as he is now!If he does Ole purple nose may choke on his last scotch.8 players my ar5e! "
26th Oct 2013 17:28
"That was what I call a great days work, the lads really earned their wages today without doubt, they should be really proud of themselves, they did us proud, the club proud. No w lads rest up well for the Arsenal match and start sharpening your swords for next week."
26th Oct 2013 17:30
"Loz99 26th Oct 2013 17:09 - agreed. Suarez is definitely worth more than Bale. He is under contract with LFC and we should reject ALL offers that may come in Jan. With him and Sturridge on song till end of season we will make top four at a canter! Next w/e will be a REAL test for us... can't wait! YNWA redmen!!"
26th Oct 2013 17:36
"4 goals of astonishing quality. Brilliant!!! A polished display by Lucas. Top 4 looks good. Now lets do one on Arsenal.YNWA "
26th Oct 2013 17:44
"I agree with john scales view in that SAS create a lot of there own goals would be nice if Hendo n co can chip in with a few assists n create chances and score goals too to share the vials around the team "
26th Oct 2013 17:45
"S...SPECIAL A...ANTIROBBERY S...SQUAD, #next victim"
26th Oct 2013 17:46
"5starkop/LFCAlpha -fair play to U for not slating JH - TBH I think he could have done a lot better but he still played ok:)"
26th Oct 2013 17:48
"where all those 'fans' who are quick to berate the team but dont comment when they do well?? thats how you know their not Pool fans. this would have had 100 comments already if Pool didnt win."
26th Oct 2013 17:48
"where all those 'fans' who are quick to berate the team but dont comment when they do well?? thats how you know their not Pool fans. this would have had 100 comments already if Pool didnt win."
26th Oct 2013 17:52
"Well done Reds, sterling performance, could have well been 6 or 7. My only concern is at LB where Cissoko seem to be lost positionally and seems dont want to tackle. Enrique we need your presence on the field, get well soon. YNWA"
26th Oct 2013 17:52
"Thing you will not hear on motd lfc le contenders . Ynwa ps they did say you will not win things with kids onwards and upwards "
26th Oct 2013 17:53
"Well done lads! We have finally overcome the West Brom hoodoo! Play like that throughout the season...Champions League is going to be a reality! All our lads played with real conviction! I just wished we could have scored more for goal difference might make the difference this season! YNWA!"
26th Oct 2013 17:56
"Its not only the 4:1 win. Everyone of the four goals was great to watch. WBA had their moments too. Wonderful game."
26th Oct 2013 17:57
"We were outstanding today in both half's which is good 2 see and Luis was unplayable today which is good 2 c as 4 there goal that was a flipping joke that was never a pen in a month of Sundays "
26th Oct 2013 17:58
"Great result, and only a dodgy penalty prevented a clean sheet. Second again, even if Chelsea win we are still 3rd. Great start to season, and Arsenal next great test and chance to go top!"
26th Oct 2013 18:02
"Its true, I complain, because when Liverpool loss and other teams win, I got angry. Today I am happy, I can wait Arsenal. C'mon Reds!"
26th Oct 2013 18:08
"Good performance, dictate at midfield, threatening Forward, Rocks defense, Cissokho seemed forget his task to defence-void in his side by not backing up Sakho while there was pressure, Kelly will be better after tuning his attacking style from wing, certainly ready for Arsenal with point"
26th Oct 2013 18:24
"The best display this season...Brilliance!Luis PROVED his world top class,fact.Instict,pass and fast brain were with him today.Mid looked better,too. Good form one week before trip to Emirates.Come on,REDS!YNWA>"
26th Oct 2013 18:24
"Shocking - an emphatic victory against a good side & there's only just over 50 posts! Lose or draw & there are +200 posts whinging & whining all day long, just goes to show what kind of glory hunter 'fans' we have acquired over the last 5 years. Win, lose or draw, Liverpool FC will get my support, when you're down I'll pick you up, when you're up & celebrate with you. YNWA."
26th Oct 2013 18:36
"Teams nearly ready 350 - 400 sometimes maybe it's the fans are happy so they don't bother commenting let's hope so."
26th Oct 2013 18:37
"Well Done SAS and the entire Team.YNWA"
26th Oct 2013 18:38
"Redopium - Yes but 395 of the 400 are normally us two ripping the p155 out of Buddha:)"
26th Oct 2013 18:41
"Have tickets to the arsenal game so looking forward to it, "
26th Oct 2013 18:41
"Teams-nearly-ready 26th Oct 2013 18:24 well said when we lose or draw there is non stop whinnying and when we win there is no one around 2 say well done and i am alway there come win lose or draw onwards and upwards "
26th Oct 2013 18:42
"Great game!! Lucas was excellent. And what can I say about Luis Suarez? I have no words to describe him, he was so determined to score his hat-trick! Can't wait to see Coutinho together with SAS! Brilliant!"
26th Oct 2013 18:48
"And by the way, where's that "supporter" that last week called Luis a rat and wanted him out of the club? I'm sure he's angry because we won thanks to his goals."
26th Oct 2013 18:56
"Excellent, excellent, excellent. Superb from all. Stevie seemed enthusiastic today. Looked much younger, hehe. Also, LucasTHEBEASTleiva is spot on. Our number 21 was KING of the midfield today, and not for the first time. Lovely to have him back. He fully deserved that armband when SG put it on his arm, even it was just for a few minutes. Brilliant stuff from Liverpool."
26th Oct 2013 18:58
"Lucas was a machine, nothing got past him. Sturridge was awesome but overshadowed by Suarez who was absolutely phenomenal, the most complete performance I have ever seen from him. Great result shame about the dodgy penalty decision but at least it didn't ruin the game."
26th Oct 2013 19:10
"Great performance all around. I know Skrtel missed that chance but it did not look easy with the ball bouncing as it did and the pressure he was under good job none the less as he made up for it keeping out Anelka. Suarez was amazing he needs to stay where he will be king and thats at LFC! Do it again next week please!!!!! Bring that offer for LS to the Emirates and throw it in Wengers face!"
26th Oct 2013 19:14
"Yup - way too few comments on here so far. Disappointingly typical."
26th Oct 2013 19:19
"A brilliant team performance both halves. The lads passed it well and the moves flowed. Suarez and Sturridge combined well and were unplayable today Beautiful hatrick by Luis and what a chip from Danny. Lucas was back to his best and Skrtel was awesome today. Generally all the guys were at their best today, well done guys Morale is high now for the Arsenal game. Come on you Reds."
26th Oct 2013 19:32
"Well done lads.That was a terrific win.Coutinho to replace Henderson next week and Enrique for Cissokho if he's available.Don't see Agger coming back now as the back 3 did good today."
26th Oct 2013 19:34
"Just loving this season! BR has a plan and he's implementing it very well. SAS are the best in the league without a doubt. Next week PC is back and the first real test of the season. Can't wait. YNWA"
26th Oct 2013 19:48
"MTM hendason"
26th Oct 2013 19:51
"Maybe some on here might start giving BR credit!! Slay the negs off with their heads !!!!fantastic ht from suarez- big big game next and big test"
26th Oct 2013 20:23
"Just simply fantastic, what a display of football, it shows how many fake fans comment on here, we win and there is a few comments, we lose or draw and hundreds are asking for BR to be fired... Ridiculous, and all the pre match comments saying we would get beat..... the silence is deafening after a victory on here, to every who positive comments on here today, be proud!!"
26th Oct 2013 20:23
"Outstanding team performance.Lucas bossed it in the liverpool side of midfield and hendo's pressing game helped us getting the ball back on numerous occasions.Add to that gerard's brilliant runs and SAS magic and it makes for a nice concoction. "
26th Oct 2013 20:25
"where are those saying tottenham are signing class players and slating Bredan "
26th Oct 2013 20:27
"Lucas Hendo pressing game absolutely crucial against Gooners.drop cissokho(adds nothing) and need to drop one of toure or skrtel to bench for arsenal game(only).Play agger at LB. johno-toure-sakho-agger-hendo-lucas-gerard-coutinho-suarez-sturridge. Kelly needs to play for U21s to get back his confidence.very rusty."
26th Oct 2013 20:44
"brendan haters having a bad day.Absolutely superb display so they have nowhere to hide.Must be praying down some rathole for BR's men to lose next week for them to come out of hibernation...Plastics the lot of them..."
26th Oct 2013 20:44
"Well done. next will be a real trial for BR. We need some changes .Agger for Sakho,Enrique foe Sissokho and coutinho for Henderson .we can not afford playing Henderson against Arsenal."
26th Oct 2013 20:49
"HKRed1994 26th Oct 2013 17:25, I agree, leave Hendo alone, he'll come good, Lucas had to endure so much critcism & harshness, now look at him, even after a severe long term injury, now recalled by Brazil! I believe Hendo deserves to be in England's squad for next World Cup, sincerely hope he gets called up. Hendo was a vital part of a great victory. "
27th Oct 2013 0:09
"Fantastic performance but more work to be done so Keep Pushing on."
27th Oct 2013 1:03
"Suarez is from another planet, vamos Luisito carajooooo, vamos Nacional y el Liverpool!"
27th Oct 2013 1:55
"Grande Luis Suarez un saludo de Montevideo , Uruguay a los hinchas del Liverpool esta temporada hay que ganar si o si es nuestra esta temporada"
27th Oct 2013 1:57
"MOTM Suarez, but it was great to see the form of Lucas today. Really the first time all season that our midfield has looked as good as it did IMO.. cant wait to see what the team looks like with enrique left and coutinho back in the #10 role. YNWA"
27th Oct 2013 4:39
"Lucas made it possible for the team to play with confidence going forward... TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves MORE!!!!! Well done BR, YNWA"
Dede 7
27th Oct 2013 5:37
"we all love to see Liverpool FC dominate and control games. well done. YNWA."
27th Oct 2013 7:20
"All the haters will soon be back next time we have a bad game don't you worry.and then they will say how right they were if the players they complain about (in a non-constructive opposite fan kind of way) has a bad game(or even if they play well) lol"
27th Oct 2013 9:11
"not even a hundred comments on here and we won but when we loss my god two hundred and more ....anyway tks team and a special tks LS and DS keep up the good work"
27th Oct 2013 18:20
"Brilliant match ,Well done the reds YNWA"
27th Oct 2013 20:15
"Well played Lads.. Actually missed out on ye'day's match.. But was eagerly waiting for updates. Just made my day today when i could read about that result! Great Win!! YNWA.."
27th Oct 2013 22:58
"suarez brilliant and the best thing about him is he gives 100%.where will coutinho fit in . he is our most creative midfielder, hend will have to drop out. we have to have agger back, he is our first line of attack. we have played all mediocre teams so far apart from manu who were not that good anyway. arsenal will be a proper test of our creds to win the league"
29th Oct 2013 11:53
"Brilliant performance from the 1st minute. Probably best in the recent years. Hope the lads will take the momentum to the next match."