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Suarez go n kill them... Just tear them apart... We r behind u...
26th Oct 2013 6:44
26th Oct 2013 7:02
"Bust that net today Lad."
26th Oct 2013 7:16
"The main reason why we lost against saints is coz we were sitting like buffaloes. Those who are coming, please make some noise. Don't behave like Manc crowd. They sing only when they win,,,"
26th Oct 2013 7:25
"Brenden rodgers should try and use daniel agger to play 3 position today bcos we don't have jose on the 3 and I know daniel agger will do well in that position. That means we will have 5beast at the wing and defences today."
26th Oct 2013 7:28
"I know and hope SAS will have a nice combination today and score goals today. Daniel sturridge don't be selfish or greedy today please. All we need today is 3points"
26th Oct 2013 9:02
"2 braces frm SAS will no doubt win us the game "
Big Az
26th Oct 2013 9:15
"Sturridge pls n pls try nt to b selfish k,we rilly do appreciate ur goals bt if Suarez stats being selfish like u,u might nt gt d assist u desire.Ynwa"
26th Oct 2013 9:20
"You can win in lads! Suarez can at least score a brace and Sturridge another one! Win BIG so that we can bury the ghost behind us! YNWA!"
Gerrard o ya beauty
26th Oct 2013 9:50
"Should be a good game but we need a early goal in a fixture like this, I predict this could be a tight one. Come on u reds!!! "
26th Oct 2013 9:59
"Suarez mate - shame you didn't crack a smile at the MCG. Forgiven now though, especially on form, even more so if you put the ball in the back of the net a time or two against the baggies. YNWA"
26th Oct 2013 10:18
"go get them LUIS, no slip ups here like last season."
26th Oct 2013 11:20
"Suarez and Sturridge should provide a bit of width for one another, dragging defenders with them. The ball should be given to Sturridge in equal amounts (which wasn't necessarily so against Newcastle). The team can't revert to just feeding Suarez alone and expecting him to do everything. Anyway, best of luck lads!"
26th Oct 2013 11:34
"Make my day and say you stay here next four years.Y.N.W.A."
26th Oct 2013 11:54
"We cannot play defenders just because we have them we must set up to go and win ,which is what br will do no doubt. 4/3/3 today and a good win. Agree with kid of kop let's hear some noise, there is no home advantage if its quiet. Newcastle got their point by helping their team over the line."
26th Oct 2013 15:22
"Best header I have ever seen that. Amazing Luis. #TheDifference"
26th Oct 2013 15:28
"Suarez, 2 goals in 20 minutes against WBA!! You deserve your hat-trick!! "