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Can't believe the comments slating Gerrard recently on here. Either we've been over run with Manc trolls or the clueless have finally taken over this site.
Norfolk in Chance
26th Oct 2013 7:56
26th Oct 2013 10:54
""Norfolk in Chance". Here we go again with the INSULTS. Since you know it ALL. Why don't you have the site to yourself and we cab all sit back and listen to you."
26th Oct 2013 12:31
"Gerrard's scored quite a few over the last few weeks for the Reds and for England. It doesn't bother me if he scores from spot or in open play (off his shin or his backside would do). Also encouragingly, Sturridge is absolutely on fire. 14/15 out of 14 today would do very nicely thank you."
26th Oct 2013 12:50
"Norfolk in Chance shld everyone hold the same opinion with you.You think you know it all,this is not your site but for every Pool fan."
26th Oct 2013 13:48
"Norfolk in chance everyone has there own opinion and if Gerrard has a bad game we have the right 2 slate him no matter what he has done in the past "
Norfolk in Chance
26th Oct 2013 16:21
"eyaqueen: you are a clueless muppet. lfc4ever76 you don't have the right to slate Gerrard ever, you are nothing. Kudzi-Llori Liverpool fans don't slate our skipper, chavs do. Jog on you bell ends."
26th Oct 2013 21:44
"Norfolk in chance: go suck your mum"