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Ya, we can celebrate the FA formation for all the biased views towards our club in the last 2 years...
25th Oct 2013 13:10
25th Oct 2013 14:01
"Obviously these days the FA is made mostly of clueless people who have never experienced football from first hand so I'd like to see the FA one day made of people who have been in charge of the top clubs across the country and have a lot of experience to manage it right."
25th Oct 2013 14:23
"all the FA has done is being biased at LFC, i offiecially reject taking part in this celebration as an LFC LIFE LONG FAN"
25th Oct 2013 15:32
"SCRU DAT! the FA have been against us since i can remember. they're a bunch of mancs who r also largely responsible for the Hillsborough disaster. To hell with the FA. Man, from david davies to their current chief, dyke, was on the board at manure. i mean how much proof do we need?!?!?"
25th Oct 2013 15:41
"not to mention david gill - also on the fa board. a good way to celebrate their anniversary is give them all s tops and make them wear them whenever they attend a meeting. finally a bit of transparency from the 'FA' - man really what a joke they are. ruined the game all in the name of one horrible team's greed."
25th Oct 2013 16:40
"Can we celebrate after they're brought up on charges for Hillsborough instead?"
25th Oct 2013 19:09
"how can we celebrate an organisation full of mancs and for one have no respect for allowing a ground to stage a fa cup semi -with no safety cert .say no more total joke justice 96 ynwa"
25th Oct 2013 20:39
"The fa these days are run by a load of old free masons that have no clue about modern day football they only concerned about looking after their own"
25th Oct 2013 22:46
"What a fu#king joke they want use 2 help celebrate 150 years of the FA when they like 2 fu#k use over every time they can "
26th Oct 2013 0:36
"Personally to me... the team and Supporters should use the FA's 150th Anniversary logo to wipe their arses with before the kick off at tomorrow's game."
26th Oct 2013 11:35
"Deeply disappointed that the club are doing this. I am convinced that their recent bias against us is to do with the fact that, hopefully, they will have some serious charges to answer after the new inquiry. Cowards. Today should be a protest against the FA,if the club really don't feel they can do this then do nothing. Change disappointed to disgusted in my first sentence "