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Aside from the days out to Wembley under Kenny, there haven't been any happy memories since FSG bought the club cheap. It's grim watching the mancs lord it in Europe.
25th Oct 2013 12:05
25th Oct 2013 12:23
"Mushroom - We are 3rd in the prem. Man Utd are struggling. I am very happy with how we are doing. Unfortunately people like you are never happy."
25th Oct 2013 13:34
"I agree We need to be more positive, FSG were out of their depth slightly but i believe in stability and looking at other clubs bar Arsenal they can be a shambles"
25th Oct 2013 13:34
"Shroom, you need to get out in the sun more, we've been on an almost continuous upward arc since FSG bought LFC-now in 3rd, bought Sturridge, PC, SM, KT. Making progress on the stadium. Good times are ahead, enjoy the ride. YNWA"
25th Oct 2013 14:21
"Mushroom, im one of the biggest critic because of our team progress, But it seems you wish you are married to the MONEY. all what you do all week is dissin FSG buying the team on a cheap, is it thier problem that it was sold on a cheap? GET a grip and take care of your own problems. we ate better than 3 years ago and surely we still need alot of progess. LFC TILL I DIE"
Bla Eddie
25th Oct 2013 14:46
"Idolising those who envy us? Mushroom seems messed up. The Mancs wish they had 17 points like us"
25th Oct 2013 14:57
"Kidtastrophe 25th Oct 2013 12:23...its october mate. Hubfan 25th Oct 2013 13:34 Its october mate. In Merseyside.What Sun?"
25th Oct 2013 15:14
"Mushroom, exactly its october and we are third (equal second)..... Where were we this time last year.... What is their to complain about, if we drop off go for broke but no reason to complain at the moment."
25th Oct 2013 15:29
"Fsg bought the club on the 'cheap' because we were almost going into administration and they were buying all the debt that came with. Shroom if you really think in todays game we could just buy our way to every trophy you are slightly naive. how many happy days as you said have been available in 2 years if they are on when you win a trophy."
25th Oct 2013 15:31
"Lets hope this wknd is a better result, dont want West Brom becoming a boogey team. They are dangerous, decent level headed manager, some quality players, and they are finding a bit of form"
25th Oct 2013 15:32
"Lay off the mushrooms mate, the mancs haven't been "lording it in europe" since a few years ago. If you can't see the positive changes since FSG brough BR in, your vision must have been affected, you should see a specialist. :)"
25th Oct 2013 16:20
"The Red Sox hadn't won a world series for about 60 years. FSG bought them and said in 5 years we'll be the best the baseball team. They won it in 3, and have since won another couple. BR has said a few times we're following in the footsteps of Doortmund. I'm still a little skeptical about the funds they give us but there's no doubt in my mind we're owned by the right people."
25th Oct 2013 16:28
"Need to play well enough to win the rest is in the hands of the gods so let's keep praying for good results ynwa "
25th Oct 2013 16:36
"--It's grim watching the mancs lord it in Europe.-- Then don't fricking watch them - I'd throw myself off a cliff if I was ever found watching a Manc match that wasn't against LFC. YNWA, hope you really know what that means!"
25th Oct 2013 16:48
"mushroomscouser212MM 25th Oct 2013 14:57 yes it is October but what is there to complain about. If we where battling at the bottom I would agree with you but while we are at the top there is no reason to complain. So why not lay off the criticism and when the team do drop below 10th then you can come back and say I told you so but until then just be happy."
scitzo soldier
25th Oct 2013 16:50
"mushroom will you please sod off with your constant bad mouthing of everyone involved with LFC. The rest of us real fans ar sick of your disgustingly negative comments over and over again"
Gerrard o ya beauty
25th Oct 2013 17:48
"FSG didn't know much about football when they first bought the club cos they wouldn't of bought a donkey for 35 million pounds and give him the famous number 9 shirt, but with BR' help they're slowly learning, but still if you can spend 35 million on a donkey surley you can spend it on a world class footballer! YNWA "
26th Oct 2013 0:03
"can the webmasters of stop printing awful moments of this clubs history, every week?i noticed one thing since starting visiting this official website, everything with liverpool where better with the old one.. results, everything, i got bad feelings when i first saw this new website couple of years ago and months later hodgson was signed.. awful, MOVE ON! "
26th Oct 2013 0:39
"few are right about united lording it in Europe, they are in it, thats about as much you could say in the last few years, they have been awful, as have most of the English teams most of the time"
26th Oct 2013 15:57
"The process by which FSG/NESV acquired Red Sox was fraudulent, dishonest and rigged, according to Professor of Law at Harvard Law School Prof Tierney and M a s s achussetts attorney Reilly. Google THE SALE OF THE RED SOX: A CASE STUDY OF THE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL AND CHARITABLE TRUSTS. FSG only succeeded because J Henry was MLB commissioner Bud Selig's crony."
26th Oct 2013 15:57
"FSG should have failed the fit and proper owners test for an EPL club due to the fact that evidence is on record that the manner in which FSG acquired Red Sox was fraudulent and rigged, as described by the state attorney in Boston and a Harvard Law professor. FSG have also been summoned to New York Supreme Court over allegations of bid rigging in their cut price LFC buyout."