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Lets hope we can see the progress when we get to the end of December and have played a number of the top teams! We have had an easy start and should have capitalised more on it! Not beating 10 men isnt good and isnt progress.
22nd Oct 2013 15:09
22nd Oct 2013 15:22
"I agree that December will be a telling month and hopefully we'll still be in or around the top 4 so that we can attract players in January... Lets be honest though, if we finished 5th it would be a massive improvement particularly when you look at how other teams have strengthened. Onwards and upwards."
22nd Oct 2013 15:27
"When we can play Suso, Coutinho, Teixiera with Alberto, that will be very exciting!"
22nd Oct 2013 15:29
"When we can play Coutinho, Suso, Teixiera and Alberto, that will be very exciting. Another player to watch is Branagan from the U21. He is an intelligent player and can score goals!"
22nd Oct 2013 15:41
"dahhad bro we were simply unlucky in that match. We had a hell lot of chances, just couldn't capitalise. Talking about top teams, every team in d BPL is a top team that's why we lost against the likes of West Brom last year and beat Spurs!"
22nd Oct 2013 15:49
"I sincerely hope so. But the team is really not playing well in the 2nd half. They seem to be exhausted in the 2nd half."
22nd Oct 2013 16:04
"I believe Adam Morgan is one to watch, has an amazing eye for goal, gets into great positions. I think he will be one hell of a striker if he keeps a level head and continues to work hard."
22nd Oct 2013 16:50
"strong dominent midfield player required, also a striker when s a s not available"
22nd Oct 2013 17:48
"After first leg, I like to see 40 points on board"
22nd Oct 2013 18:53
"Ferguson says we are 8 or 9 players short of a sucessful challenge for the EPL, I happen to agree 100%, he should know he's won 13 EPL's and knows what it takes, considering Brendan stated we were back to full squad strength again then played like that at Newcastle? "
22nd Oct 2013 19:25
"a vast improvment indeed!! also alberto needs more games!!"
22nd Oct 2013 20:38
"Wow team phase of plays and been dynamic changing in game first time I heard this on here and not this player that player fault "
22nd Oct 2013 21:57
"Loz99...what?? 8-9 players?? fergie is a tool, unless that is in his book and he wrote it before we signed bout 5 players. 2-3 top players in midfield/attack would make our squad unbelievable. best keeper in league, best defenders (need to gel a little) few decent midfielders and best strikers. "
22nd Oct 2013 22:02
" is the Premier league. no team is going to win every game. People need to start getting realistic. there have been ''surprise'' results almost every week. a draw away to Newcastle is not a bad result even if they did go down to 10 men. They still stayed organised and played well against us. Alot of progress has been made, just look at the squad and players compared to when BR came in"
22nd Oct 2013 22:14
"Hey Newcastle turned up and played som ppl say there relegation ther top six team "
22nd Oct 2013 22:21
"Newcastle squad is a top six to ten side so it's no forgon conclusion there full of top internationals to "
22nd Oct 2013 23:09
"Depends on what standard you judge us by. Couldn't disagree more. We play good football for about 15 minutes in every game. Thereafter its defensive, spineless passes, The slowest build up in the league. A very average midfield team, which cannot galvanize the team and frustrate the strikers. Can't survive against the big boys. Poor summer signings "
23rd Oct 2013 1:51
"couldn't help but laugh at LOZ99 what an idiot listening to fergie, the guy that says in his book "Im one of the only few that don't see gerrard as a top player" the guys an idiot! were a creative player away from being the real deal, look at the way ozil has lifted arsenal that's what we need one big signing"
23rd Oct 2013 4:43
"maybe not 8 or 9 but agree with Alex Fugerson, you buy average players, you play average soccer and you end up mid table. Liverpool needs to buy better, get rid of Henderson, Allen, Moses for sure. "
23rd Oct 2013 7:08
"I really appreciate what is said in this article. Totally agree. Yes top 4 is what we want but progress can't be rushed as long as we can see the progress being made I will be happy. A better league finish and higher points total with a decent cup run with fill my appee "
23rd Oct 2013 8:17
"show our top four credentials by defeating arsenal at their home turf with a convincing scoreline and a dominating performance."
23rd Oct 2013 9:35
" N0222611 I agree that 6th or better is progress, however the problem is that top players such as Coutinho and Suarez need CL or they will seek it elsewhere. This season is make or break I feel..."
23rd Oct 2013 14:25
"Is there anybody who if they had been told prior to the season we would be in 3rd after 8 games wouldn't have bitten off the hand that offered it? We're making good progress. Defo need additions in midfield (wish we had got Wanyama) and attack, but we're better. It's true though, need to be in top 4 or close in Jan, or LS is off."
23rd Oct 2013 15:29
"Couldn't have wished for a better start. Need a player or two with experience on the big stage with a view to help the transition to Europe and then see where Brendan takes us. YNWA"
23rd Oct 2013 16:19
"yep, fully agree with this article."
23rd Oct 2013 17:28
"We are too soft and easy to penetrate in defence, we need to get more steel in there, the oposition still love coming to Anfield rather than dread it like they used to. "
23rd Oct 2013 17:37
"Ferguson must be full of spite to say what he did about Stevie G, who did he have that could be mentioned in the same breath? Scoles wasn't even half the player as Stevie was. For him to stick the knife into Beckham and Keane just shows the type of person he is. It's obvious he bitterly regrets retiring and can't come to terms with it. "
24th Oct 2013 13:39
"DAHHAD one game dosent wipe away progress were 3RD something we couldnt even dream of being 2 seasons ago long road but were getting there.. not to mention we havent exactly player well this season so leave ur dead comments off 5he sight everyone else can c p4ogress"