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Sharaway is a winger. We defo need one right now. Please I beg do all you can to get this guy.
Red heat
22nd Oct 2013 12:42
22nd Oct 2013 13:14
"Cant afford him surely? Would cost 30m"
22nd Oct 2013 13:51
"Can't honestly say I know anything about the lad, he's a winger and I'm impressed with Chelsea loanee at all if i'm being truthful!"
22nd Oct 2013 13:52
"meant to sat not impressed at all with the nigerian!"
22nd Oct 2013 14:02
"I laughed when i saw this. I've seen Ac Milan play at the san siro, no way they'll let him go, and if they do, it will be to PSG; Monaco, City or Chelsea. He's a beast, I'd love to see him, but no way, no way we'll get him."
22nd Oct 2013 14:33
"The Fifa 14 fanboy generation will be all over this so lets be realistic for them..... There is more chance of plating fog than this happening!"
22nd Oct 2013 15:20
"Only if"
23rd Oct 2013 15:33
"what a load of e, headline saying were linked with el sharaawi and most is about jorginho, just shut these ing so called journos up its not even january and theyre already talking "
23rd Oct 2013 20:00
"I wouldn't get Jorginho even if he was free, very poor player and would be a waste of wages. El Shaarawy has a contract till 2018, we have no chance in signing him nor would I even want Liverpool to sign him since they value him at over 30M. Hes only had one good season so no way worth anything over 20M. "
24th Oct 2013 3:56
"16 goals in 37 games for a winger is a great contribution and if you don't think it is then go look at downings statistics when he was here"