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25th Oct 2013 9:12
No 7
25th Oct 2013 11:39
"we all love you lucas ynwa"
25th Oct 2013 12:07
"We have lots of experience of supporting through bad times...especially since FSG bought us on the cheap."
25th Oct 2013 13:46
"Mushy - Did you get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning?:) Mind you it never happens to Buddha as LDW always gets up after him."
25th Oct 2013 14:32
"Wel done,leiva.pls hw cn i upgrade 2 official lfc member? I dunno hw to pay the money required since am a nigerian.HELP PLZ"
25th Oct 2013 14:56
"Lucas Leiva is unique!"
25th Oct 2013 16:01
"Missed him against newcastle"
scitzo soldier
25th Oct 2013 16:49
"mushroom will you please sod off with your constant bad mouthing of everyone involved with LFC. The rest of us real fans ar sick of your disgustingly negative comments over and over again."
25th Oct 2013 16:52
"scitzo soldier 25th Oct 2013 16:49 - Unfortunately Mushroom has no friend and no one who actually cares about him. The only way he can get attention is through criticising and when people do tell him to sod off he feels like hes wanted."
scitzo soldier
25th Oct 2013 17:42
"Kidtastrophe 25th Oct 2013 16:52. Ok I will bear that in mind and just not bother reading the **** he has to say."
25th Oct 2013 19:35
"claro que somos especiais :D:D:D:D:D"
25th Oct 2013 20:29
"Can I ask a question without getting ridiculed or ged off "
25th Oct 2013 20:34
"Was the first goal really midfield problem against Newcastle as I saw it we had cornered them in with numbers as u do wot then was not supposed to happen he got the cross field ball out who was supposed to stop that then cabie had a run but as the defender goes back the further he goes back with run the right of goalie opens up for shot he should of stood and forced ball wide "
26th Oct 2013 3:40
"And we love you too Lucas!"
26th Oct 2013 16:50
"The process by which FSG/NESV acquired Red Sox was fraudulent, dishonest and rigged, according to Professor of Law at Harvard Law School Prof Tierney and M a s s achussetts attorney Reilly. Google THE SALE OF THE RED SOX: A CASE STUDY OF THE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL AND CHARITABLE TRUSTS. FSG only succeeded because J Henry was MLB commissioner Bud Selig's crony."
26th Oct 2013 16:50
"FSG should have failed the fit and proper owners test for an EPL club due to the fact that evidence is on record that the manner in which FSG acquired Red Sox was fraudulent and rigged, as described by the state attorney in Boston and a Harvard Law professor. FSG have also been summoned to New York Supreme Court over allegations of bid rigging in their cut price LFC buyout."