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Good move for Andre. It can only enhance his potential a lot more and hopefully come back in contention for the first team.
22nd Oct 2013 16:40
22nd Oct 2013 16:56
"Nice move.. Better than warming the bench.. Hope He comes back more improved"
22nd Oct 2013 17:25
"Does this mean we are good with Derby for Hughes in Jan or close season?"
22nd Oct 2013 17:27
"If he can get an understanding with the lad Hughes, then even better for the long term"
22nd Oct 2013 18:39
"Lets bring him bag in January with young Hughes smuggled in the boot"
22nd Oct 2013 19:19
"Glad he got the right place for him."
22nd Oct 2013 19:20
"Glad he got the right place for him."
Red heat
22nd Oct 2013 19:52
"When he comes back he'll bring will Hughes with him"
22nd Oct 2013 20:38
"I personally believe this lad has all the attributes to be an outstanding center back. Gaining experience will do no harm to his future. LFC will reap the rewards. YNWA. "
22nd Oct 2013 20:46
"We also need to loan out sterling or ibe as part of a hughes deal"
22nd Oct 2013 22:46
"the next right back to replace glen jynwa "
23rd Oct 2013 4:39
"hope its not one of BRs moves to get rid of the youngster since he has brought in Ilori and Sakho .."
23rd Oct 2013 13:07
"Sometimes I'm not sure about BR's motives. We've seen previous cases where players go on loan and never return or come back a lesser player"
24th Oct 2013 5:36
"sometime i find it weird before signing a professional contract. All the youngsters look very composed and promising! Young players for instant Sterling, Suso, Wisdom etc. But once they signed, these players looked totally different! "