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Newcastle down to 10 men, now is the time to go for the jugular!
Natural Poolie
19th Oct 2013 13:54
19th Oct 2013 14:03
"I can't believe Liverpool are playing one man down Newcastle, and they are still not up to the task. This is ridiculous 2nd goal is a defensive error"
19th Oct 2013 14:03
"Mosses has been so poor, I have no idea why he is not replacing him. We are playing with 5 defensive players against a 10 man team. Well done Brendan."
19th Oct 2013 14:15
"Terrible woeful performance so far.Agreed we are playing with 10 men at the moment with Moses.He has been shocking. Sakho too offers very little.Bring back Agger ASAP."
19th Oct 2013 14:38
"Our defence needs sorting..."
19th Oct 2013 14:45
"clever play on our second goal.. Lads played well especially Cissokho and Skrtl. good play Reds!! YNWA"
19th Oct 2013 14:46
"If we would have played the whole game like we did in the last 20 min, we would have scored 5"
red till i die
19th Oct 2013 14:47
"get rid of 3-5-2 we were lucky today "
red till i die
19th Oct 2013 14:48
"mosses can not play behind the front 2 hes a winger"
19th Oct 2013 14:49
"In the end we got what we deserved,a draw. The team looked a bit laboured in the first half and really did not get going until Newcastle went down to ten men. I thought it was then set up FOR us to go on and win it in the second half and then we concede a sloppy goal. Great opportunity missed. "
19th Oct 2013 14:52
"We desperately need Coutino as a CAM and Moses on the subsution. Agger instead of Sakho. Jose Enrique instead of Cissokho. Skertel is great! Then LFC will be OK!!!"
19th Oct 2013 15:01
"Mosses was so poor, I think Brendan has got his tactics all wrong. "
19th Oct 2013 15:11
"Suarez, great assist!! And he's celebrating as if it had been his goal!! Awesome!! SAS again!"
19th Oct 2013 15:24
"Moses dont look comfortable playing this role..hes a winger! hes never going to be a Continho. Selfish(DS,VM) players should be told they are part of a team! We win as a team!"
19th Oct 2013 15:27
"Without Suarez today the match would have been lost. Great team play!"
19th Oct 2013 15:30
"Should've won it but we looked fatigued. But lets be realistic, we can not expect to get away with a win everytime we play poorly. Disappointing."
19th Oct 2013 15:32
"Why did BR started the game with very lazy Ally Cissoko who daren't go further trying to place a cross everytime he was overlapping?"
19th Oct 2013 15:37
"A point earned is a point gained!! We could have lost....these are the games we win the league with "
19th Oct 2013 15:47
"If it surely adheres to 3ï½°5ï½°2, you should limit to the position only at the Glen,Jose, or Agger. Isn't it too early to leave the position to ally now?"
19th Oct 2013 15:49
" Only a question is also produced by stationing Moses in the center. As Suarez was falling, Alberto enters and the team functioned, Moses is a side player to the last. Although it has neither a strategy like you, nor knowledge with it, I feel that I think that it is stronger than you for desire to win and sleep during a weekend. "
19th Oct 2013 15:51
"The word that there is no existence more than a club is returned as it is. Although it is always your captive, it never allows today. ."
19th Oct 2013 15:51
"I want you to see the contents which won. Wasn't it individual power after all? It is a total loss if it becomes impossible to demonstrate individual power by your strategy. 3-5-2 makes a side narrow. The responsibility becomes indefinite. Today's left side was the worst. Glen was lowered to Alberto having entered and left-side having fetched its breath at last why? "
19th Oct 2013 15:52
"Even so, Luia Suarez is a clever player. The method of a situation and a solution can be drawn immediately. It is the merit of the head which exists not much even with insufficient Alberto. If couchinho enters, Liverpool will fetch its breath. What he draws is great. I want Henderson to take out the path which puts weight on an attack to a slight degree"
19th Oct 2013 15:53
"MOSES: lackluster & overconfident, CISSOKHO: dosn't have confident yet, STERLING: to replace GJ? What's BR thinking?? HENDO: needs to be quicker before shooting."
"Buck is belieivn his own hype. What happened to the 180 page book of tactics eh? Use 352 out of necessity then stick with it no matter what? What about tiktak and tactics that reaped results end of last seao? Sako is not £18 mill player. Sterling a kid not a £40 thou per week. Borini £11 mill wasting at sfc. £15 mill on Allen? Alberto Lori Aspas how much? Agger made VC now dropped for sako?"
19th Oct 2013 17:39
"Why is Henderson still a first choice, it's obvious he is unable to do anything"
Dede 7
19th Oct 2013 19:41
"So two players from having injuries are throw straight into the starting 11.??? is it Logical ?? We have supported BR but he keeps letting us down. Our midfield is poor we have talked about this avery week but its like there is no option. i would rather develop Allen & Alberto. Henderson has played almost every game for two seasons yet we cant see a significant impact. "
19th Oct 2013 20:03
"Pound of mince "
19th Oct 2013 21:39
"We need an Ozil..."
19th Oct 2013 22:34
"I cannot bring myself to say this but Hendo was my man of the match apart from the two terrible shots. Moses, where do I begin? He is a good player have bad spell at the moment. Brendan please tell him he hangs on the ball too much. The difference between Coutinho and other players is Coutinho keeps it simple and passes quicker."
20th Oct 2013 9:14
"All our stars had to play critical WCQ, and had very little left in the tank. End of, get off their backs and support the club, manager & players. YNWA"