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Who cares!!!
19th Oct 2013 14:59
19th Oct 2013 15:28
"nazim_7860 You complete waste of space. Why on earth would you come up with a comment as stupid and more importantly senseless as that. Who needs critters like you on here. SHAME. "
19th Oct 2013 16:00
"nazim_7860 - never has there been a more insulting & insensitive comment on this site than yours - you need to hang your head in shame & apologise."
19th Oct 2013 18:28
"Nazim7860 - the family and friends of the 96 (RIP) and anyone who loves Liverpool cares. "
20th Oct 2013 11:27
"Whatever the offending comment was i am glad to see it removed, pity the s that made it can't be removed from all Liverpool association as well,permanently, fortunately we all know where people like that go don't we."
20th Oct 2013 21:23
"Sorry if I offended anyone, it was out of anger after liverpool drew to 10-man tottenham"
21st Oct 2013 4:51
"nazim_7860... ya mean Newcastle. yet another mistake :D. Never seen the comment but im guessing you got mislead by the headline, thinking it meant players, then said something without thinking. Lesson learnt im sure people. "
21st Oct 2013 9:44
"interview the people who dont want to first,why wouldnt you want to help find out the full truth of a disaster, corupt"