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With Glen,Flanno,and Kelly, do we really need another RB?. Unless Flanno is leaving, and Kelly is going to be a CB
18th Oct 2013 16:26
18th Oct 2013 16:36
"Montoya would be aceeeee on a free"
18th Oct 2013 19:26
"We do have plenty of defensive cover, but this lad is class, would be surprised if we did capture him though. We need to get in as many skilful, technical players as we can until our youngsters are developed through the academy. It's going to take a lot of hard work for the likes of flanno and kelly to refine their technique."
18th Oct 2013 19:53
"I like Flanno, but I doubt he'll stay w/ LFC long enough to be a firm first team player. Kelly is above him in the pecking order. I'd personally like to see one of them loaned for experience, especially since Kelly needs game time to get back to where he was 2 seasons ago. Shows how deep our defense goes"
19th Oct 2013 0:57
"ditto on maccite's comment. if we're not careful, all our talented youngsters will soon be leaving for regular game time"
19th Oct 2013 6:54
"The three Barca players mentioned would be great additions to the LFC family and bring with them a style of play others wish were theirs. Tello and Cuenca would be the most obvious choices due to the 'waiting list' we already have at the back end."
Natural Poolie
19th Oct 2013 8:28
"No doubt a class act BUT defensive midfield is more problematic, we need a governor in there, someone who can stop the opposition playing. When we go in front we tend to lose pace and give the ball away too cheaply at the moment, a Mascherano type player would serve us well!"
20th Oct 2013 12:10
"I think Montoya would come in and immediately compete with Glen. Martin Kelly doesn't get the right to inherit the RB position long term, he too needs pushed and I doubt Flanno can do this. Maybe I am wrong but it isn't a bad thing we look to a BArca youth star to compete with our youth, is it? Johnson needs proper competition from an established RB."
21st Oct 2013 9:07
"Never mind this guy BR get the midfield sorted before we capitulate our top 4 ambitions."
21st Oct 2013 11:51
"Midfield creativity is our problem I think currently"