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Let's be Honest and say it from under our breathes and that is he wouldn't be a decent player if we are after him and there's NO surprises to see the SPUDS name mentioned yet again. YNWA REDS.
16th Oct 2013 13:28
16th Oct 2013 13:29
"great player but nobody moves forward with 34 y o coming into a different style of play got to admit it the spuds are willing to sign anybody they can get on cheap Honda now pirlo are they applying to get two teams in the p/l ynwa"
16th Oct 2013 13:38
"As much as i respect and love Pirlo i don't want him! He's 37 for gods sake!! Plus his wage demands will be sky high, we can get better potentially players for long term"
16th Oct 2013 14:12
"no doubt a great player if we we're going to bring experience into the squad I would prefare Alonso any day!not forgetting we already have one of the best experienced midfielders of all time in the squad now"Gerrard""
16th Oct 2013 17:57
"Class player if he ever came to us "
17th Oct 2013 1:08
"Absolutely ridiculous. Great player but past it. Do we really need 2 thirtysomethings in midfield ? This is how we move forward ? Must be a slow news day."
17th Oct 2013 5:58
"Pirlo will be too old for BPL..high wages and bit part player ....nope not him we only want XABI ALONSO "
17th Oct 2013 7:25
"Absolute rubbish! LFC is not in contest for the Club with the Oldest and Worthless Player."
17th Oct 2013 8:55
"Why are clubs considering all these aging players from outside BPL? These players can bring up the names from their experience but not the flair into the game, and just want to suck all the money they can before retiring. Hope LFC doesn't fall for that."
longtime red
17th Oct 2013 9:53
"Who ever writes this bullsh-t,could get a job with the daily papers.Instead of wasting our time.We only want to read about liverpool,thats why we joined this site."
17th Oct 2013 20:35
"Not the way ahead if we have to splash big money. This great player's best days are gone and we need to focus on keeping our key players and looking to the future with younger players."