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You ain't getting into the team homeboy with jordo and the form he is in
17th Oct 2013 9:08
17th Oct 2013 9:20
"Sorry Joe you seem like a really nice guy,but you are not as good as the players we have in the squad now.We really cannot afford to carry any player not up to the mark ............."
17th Oct 2013 9:27
"You have what it takes Joe. Prove them all wrong. "
17th Oct 2013 9:42
"sorry to say but your just average joe hendo much better"
17th Oct 2013 9:54
"I'm afraid Joe would have to start from the bench for the next two games. I can compare Hendo's workrate to that of Kuyt's during his years at Liverpool, even though they both play in different positions. The trip to Newcastle would certainly be a tough one. YNWA!"
17th Oct 2013 9:55
"All this haters just keep on giving it, it's really sad and immature. We are Liverpool fc, You can see how hard Allen is trying to get into squad, is our job to support him!!"
longtime red
17th Oct 2013 10:00
17th Oct 2013 10:00
"Resting on what exactly Joe? Surely he is not referring to the couple of decent games he had at the beginning of last season? Surely not! I think the kid needs to spend less time in front of an LFCTV camera and more time in the gym to get his considerably weak body stronger and faster!"
17th Oct 2013 10:01
"You are Future captain of LFC Hendo!!!!Keep improving further and undoubtedly you are much improved player in last 10months and if you can add goals to your play then you will be undropable from starting 11. P.s--Dont know why henderson doesn't gets selected into England squad based on current form??I hope he will get selected for Brazil 2014."
17th Oct 2013 10:04
"(contd)I just hope rodgers doesn't brings back allen and drops ever improving henderson to accomodate allen.Sorry allen,you dont have what it takes to cut at LFC."
17th Oct 2013 10:09
"B Rodgers managed him and thought he was worth 15 mil. so Joe must be a potential top 4 player or br made a mistake ?"
17th Oct 2013 10:13
"i know allen will turn out to be a top player for us, just like ramsey for arsenal. i'd like to punch those "supporters" who can't get behind our players. instead of keep telling he can't do it, motivate him to push on!!! jeeez..."
17th Oct 2013 10:14
"You can do be JA, just kip positive, love yo pace and skill!"
17th Oct 2013 10:19
"top player but we have about 6 other mids ahead of him. He will need to improve drastically."
17th Oct 2013 10:46
"get him further up the pitch and we`ll see better performances,we are the only club who`s supporters de-value our players,look at downing,worth well more than 5m but because we slated him he became worthless to us and other clubs will take class"
17th Oct 2013 10:49
"Don't listen to the doubters Joe. They're the same ones who were talking doom and gloom at the beginning of the year. If BR thinks you're worthy of playing time, then the real fans will support you. Just work hard, stay healthy, and focus on getting a little bigger. My only knock on you is you lack bulk. "
17th Oct 2013 10:50
"Well Done Joe, you are a LFC player and as a true supporter I will carry on supporting you. Hendo is better than you ATM, but lacks the quality you have, and the only reason he is playing is because you got injured, I wont drop hendo for you as he has improved a lot in that time, but how brilliant it will be to have you replace him/ lucas even after injury. YNWA Joe, never doubted you quality"
17th Oct 2013 10:53
"our midfield is weak on the whole and its unfair to single anyone out,ive liked the improvement in some players but the midfield in general needs to step up,not 1 of them has impressed me yet,apart from coutinho,"
17th Oct 2013 10:57
"thers something wrong when a 20yr old kid is the best midfielder at the club,stevie xabi and masch in there peak did not win the league so why would the current mid be good enough,3 midfielders required with 2 being sold in jan"
17th Oct 2013 11:11
"Just what "laurels" is he talking about?? cos he certainly has not been awarded any since he came here!! Like Sterling he needs to beef up a bit for starters."
17th Oct 2013 11:13
"what laurels are these"
17th Oct 2013 11:14
"Pughy 99 agree with you 100% cautionio came from abroad and settled in straight away yet certain players born n bred in the uk are in there third season and we still waiting for them to make an impact so If you gods enough you can adopt anywhere like surez cautionio sturridge who came in hit the ground running!!"
17th Oct 2013 11:16
"I genuinely think Joe has the potential to do an Aaron Ramsey. After a bright start and a dip in form, he's been very unlucky with injuries."
17th Oct 2013 11:42
"completely agreee, coutinho is class. we need quality, quality players will settle in regardless."
17th Oct 2013 12:03
"Someone at the club should advise the players to think through quotes like this one about resting on laurels. It invites negative comments but hopefully he can push on now he is injury free and recovered"
17th Oct 2013 12:53
"Had a shocking run with injuries we all know he can play and pass the ball. Its not easy to just jump back in and be brilliant. Stay injury free for the rest the season JA and give a headache for BR your added quality to the bench will give BR good options to rotate and give some players a rest. Work hard YNWA."
17th Oct 2013 13:05
"Not quite sure where this lad fits in. But then, I am not a footy manager."
17th Oct 2013 13:10
"we all have opinions, you not a lesser supporter if you speak the truth. We aren't all on prozac"
17th Oct 2013 13:22
"be Ready! and waiting to fight for your place! thats the right message!!its a Squad as well as a team! YNWA "
17th Oct 2013 13:25
"Players that hit the ground running like PC will usually get found out and drop off. Not saying that's whats going to happen but only time will tell. Slow burners like JH and JA may not set the league alight immediately. Give the guy a chance - he's another who's been played out of position to accommodate others."
17th Oct 2013 13:47
"I actually liked what I saw before he got injured I think tho he needs to bulk up Abit and like he said bit more of an attacking threat and he will do well"
17th Oct 2013 13:59
"Allen speaks about his laurels and Rodgers about his experience and philosophy. What the world class players and managers would say then??!!!"
17th Oct 2013 14:26
"At Gerrard Football Club, selection is based on reputation. Better players like Allen and Hendo are sacrificed because the fans get their orgasm by watching the old man walking around the pitch in his red shorts."
17th Oct 2013 14:39
"Allen has got to fight....for his partyyyy!"
17th Oct 2013 15:04
"Some old men have better games than the kids and thus earn and keep thier place. The notion Gerrard gets games on account of his past endeavours alone is absurd. Carraghers release is proof past loyalty counts for nothing. Gerrard deserves his place."
17th Oct 2013 15:05
"Allen could be more attack-minded and use his passing ability better. Joe should use this strength to play more forward balls, and get himself in and around the box too. He needs to ask himself how he is going to hurt the opposition from the start and be more aggressive in his play generally. He can score and be attacking, but it's just not been often enough for me so far."
17th Oct 2013 16:25
"Finally!! Henderson will leave the 11 soon, boundless energy + 1st grade control = terrible player! Allen, I believe."
Dede 7
17th Oct 2013 20:37
"Allen will prove many wrong. he is a good player i dont know why some fans never learn. the same fans that were critisising Henderson in the previous seasons are the same praising him now. i think its better we encourage him. YNWA."